Unwrap a cheap date

Castleton’s library has created a new way to borrow books this semester. If you ever struggle with the same genre and tend to get bored with a novel, the library has a way to fix the problem.
“Blind Date with a Book” is an activity in which students and faculty choose a book judging by only a short description or illustration.
The book is wrapped and its title is hidden to the viewer. Once the book is checked out, it is unwrapped revealing the “blind date.”
Sam Green, CSC video broadcast technician, and Stephanie Traverse, serials interlibrary loan assistant, stumbled upon something similar on Pinterest. They joined forces to make it a reality for Castleton.     

All books in the 51-part collection are handpicked from staff members and include all kinds of genres from horror, sports, biographies and plays.   

“There is something in the collection for everyone,” Traverse said.
Ginger Johnston, a library employee, admits she couldn’t help but get involved.
“I love the idea of it. I get in a rut when reading the same types of books and this is adventurous,” Johnston said.
Within the first few weeks, 17 books have been lent out and new books are being added into the mix. “Blind Date with a Book” has been so successful Green and Traverse believe it will continue for the rest of the year.  

“Don’t judge a book by its cover, literally,” Green said.