Thief in Leavenworth Hall

There’s a thief in Leavenworth Hall.

On Jan. 25, two employees of Castleton State College had their food stolen from a refrigerator in the Spanish lounge.

One was Ana Alexander, a professor of Spanish who resides in Burlington and lives in Castleton during the school week in order to reduce her commute. Because she’s here all week, she stashes a week’s worth of meals in the fridge – and has for years.

Leavenworth custodian Tita Ennis also keeps her meals in the Spanish lounge fridge to quell her cravings during her night shift from 4 p.m. to midnight.

Both had their food stolen and both aren’t too pleased.

 “I left it Friday, came back Monday, and it was all gone,” Alexander said. “I have been here24 years and no one has ever taken my stuff.”

But who at a school of such spirit and compassion would do such a thing? Alexander said resorting to stealing isn’t necessary.

“I mean if there’s somebody hungry, just leave me a note and I’ll bring more. It wouldn’t be the first time we bring food in for students, they study late and need snacks,” she said.

The thief must not have been only hungry, but feeling somewhat religious as well. Alexander lost not only a collection of yogurts, pasta, stew and some of Vermont’s own Cabot Cheese, but also a wooden angel she got in Peru. It was about two feet in width and rested above the entrance of the lounge.

“I was shocked,” she said. “Food is one thing, but to steal an ornament, that’s just beyond the pale, it really showed that the person is selfish and doesn’t care about anyone else.”

Despite her anger, Alexander was very polite in asking of two things from the thief: One, to bring back the angel when nobody can see and two, to leave a note if you are hungry.

“This school is for everybody, I think we should all be able to trust each other,” she said.