Genesis rocks Castleton community

Tyler Serrani on stage performing one of his original songs at Genesis.

It’s a great weekend for Castleton students when Genesis comes to town. 

It is practically our version of UVM’s Springfest concert, but with smaller artists from all throughout Vermont. 

Genesis is a multi-media conglomerate based out of Southern Vermont that creates platforms for aspiring Vermont artists to showcase their talent. The most recent show happened on Mechanic Street on April 27. 

It’s not the first time Genesis has come to Castleton for a show, so hopes were high for fans of the event and newcomers, though it was the first time they charged a cover for the show. 

The cover created a major debate on the app YIKYAK, which is popular on our campus. Many being upset at having to pay $5 dollars to go to the show, but it didn’t affect the turnout as much as the artists performing expected. 

“We had to charge five dollars this time just so we could pay out artists and cover for travel. Also it’s good insurance to have considering the stages we build aren’t on the land we own,” said Tyler Serrani, one of the performers. 

The lineup included many different artists who are up and coming or already pretty well-known. Rivan, Obi the Voice God, PSTREETBANDITS, and Tyler Serrani were the major acts that fans raved about. Many of these artists have performed at a show in Castleton, except for Rivan, who is a popular rapper in Burlington Vermont and making his way through the East Coast. 

“The crowd was all in front of the stage which was really nice. My favorite artist was Rivan, I really enjoyed his stage presence and the music he brought to Genesis,” Castleton student Evie Marshall said. 

Even though the show had to be cut short and many acts had to play shorter sets than expected due to weather, every artist brought it. Each had their own unique stage presence and style, which kept fans on their toes wondering what was coming next. 

“There was very good stage presence and performance; the crowd was into it. My favorite artist was Obi the Voice God. I enjoyed how he got on the ground with the crowd and made us dance,” Chantel Swasey said. 

The star of the show was Castleton student and artist Tyler Serrani, who put the whole show together and planned every detail out with fellow team members. The other people who help organize all of their events are fellow Castleton graduates along with friends of the artists. 

Former Castleton student Will Buck performs at the latest Genesis concert.

“I’ve watched Tyler Serrani work so hard in order to put on this performance for the students of Castleton and the artists preforming. His hard work completely paid off. The show was so fun and featured many artists that I didn’t know but since, I’ve looked into,” Gretel Seaman said. 

It was not an easy show to put together, with last-minute venue changes and having to build a stage by hand in just two days. For a group of young adults putting on a show in a backyard, fans said it was really well done and very well put together. 

“Genesis has been so much fun to be a part of. It’s introduced me to my best friends, as well as broadened my musical horizons. We’ve been able to showcase so many smaller artists throughout Vermont who haven’t been able to get their work out to a larger audience,” Serrani said. 

The night closed with an incredible performance from Serrani that had the crowd dancing in the rain, having the time of their lives. It was a night like no other in Castleton and many looked forward to it, especially Serrani’s performance because his music is a lot more well-known among students. 

“Tyler preformed great considering the rain and really knew how to bring the crowd together,” Seaman said. 

Genesis is hoping to return soon for more performances to give even more artists a chance to perform in front of a crowd and share their music. The hopes is to make it an official event every year for students. 

“I’d love to have this become a Castleton event in the next coming year, similar to UVM Springfest. There’s always been so much talent at Castleton and I’d love the artists to shine through more in the future,” Serrani said. 

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