Q&A with SGA Pres.Perry Ragouzis

Vermont State University Castleton Student Perry Ragouzis is well-known on the Castleton campus and in the state, for his various leadership roles including Student Government Association president and student representative on the VTSU Board of Trustees. He took time recently to answer questions about leadership and life.

Q. What is a prime motivator of yours behind the work you are doing? For those who might not know, what exactly do you do?

A. I am currently working on a variety of different projects, which means that there are a variety of motivators helping me continue through my work. This being said, I am really motivated primarily by this community around us and the opportunities that I have to make lives better. I am currently serving in and around Castleton in a few different positions and roles, including the Board of Trustees Student Trustee for the VSCS, president of the Castleton SGA, resident assistant in Haskell Hall, treasurer of the Senior Class, and assistant manager of the Casella Theater Box Office.

Q. What’s the SGA got brewin’ at the moment? Is there a message or words of wisdom you’d like to send to everyone on campus, to current or future Spartans?

A. The SGA is always working on a wide variety of projects. Currently, we are taking part in sponsoring the “One-Day University Event,” planning Castleton’s annual end-of-year dance, as well as a variety of other delegate projects and campus advocacy work. I would like any students or members of the Castleton community who are interested in what a guy like me thinks, I would encourage them to get involved in civic opportunities and work to become a larger part of this community should you have the chance.

Q.What does Leadership mean to you? What does it look like? How can everyone foster positive growth here at VTSU-Castleton, and abroad?

A. Leadership, to me, means responsibility. To be a leader is really to simply accept responsibility both for the execution of a project, idea, or group, as well as taking responsibility for whenever something goes wrong. I think that we can all foster positive growth by engaging in leadership opportunities in and around our campus. Everyone can be a leader!

Q. What’s your favorite food to eat at Huden? What’s your go to order at Fireside? What’s your favorite spot to go to when oot n’ aboot?

A. I really appreciate the chicken and waffle combo at Huden, extremely excellent! At Fireside I tend to order a grilled cheese, love it with some tomato soup. When I’m going out to eat, I love to go to Masala Corner.

Q. Lastly, what do you like to do for fun? Hobbies? Non-academic interests that make you tick? What are you passionate about that doesn’t involve school? It would be amazing if you were a Pro Fly-Fishing Tie Master, or something like that.

A. I really love just working in and around campus through the student government and through our various outlets. Unfortunately, this means that I don’t really have time for off-campus hobbies, but I find that through my leadership work, I have as much fun as I could ever have with any other hobby.

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