Making prints was fun new art adventure

Joe Vyvial replicates a dog photo using a mixture of printmaking techniques and Photoshop

When I was done with my project, “linoleum block print edition,” for my printmaking class, I decided to do one more, because I had some spare time, and I really enjoyed the process. 

This time, I tried a little different approach. Instead of coming up with an idea or sketch that I would than carve and print, I made this one based on a photo – a photo of a dog. 

I did some editing on it, using Photoshop, to make it easier for me to carve it later. I also split the photo into a range of five colors only. Then, I went on to the actual carving and printing.

The carving is the most time-consuming part. It’s very enjoyable though, especially when you are getting towards the end. And then, when you do your proof print and see it all came out the way you anticipated, it is very satisfying to see.

And when you are able to do multiple clean prints, it gets even more satisfying to see them all spread out next to each other.

I ended up doing an edition of six prints. And overall, I’m very happy with how they came out, but there is always a room for improvement. 

It could be cleaner and more precise. At the same time, those imperfections, the misplacement of layers, texture etc. are what makes it a print. You can see the actual work behind it. 

Prints like these are great for presents. You can share your original work with multiple people. That is what I really like about them. I’m looking forward to doing more.

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