Book of the Fortnight

“If These Walls Could Talk”

Staunch Buffalo Bills fan, Christian Meyer puts forth this book for football fans, “I read it because I wanted to hear more about what goes on in the locker room, what the payers talk about, kind of like a behind the scenes type of deal.” 

While struggling to finish the book midst schoolwork and professional commitments, “I was very interested in it and I wish I would read more,” explained Meyer. Gaining motivation following the 2023/24 football season, Meyer recommends this book to football fans hoping to peak into the window behind the scenes of the popular sport. 

“The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden”

“Fast, refreshing, highly unlikely, and very funny,” recalled Martyn Jackson. This fictious novel is loosely based on the six missiles built in South Africa during the 1980s, focusing on the seventh that was largely forgotten. 

“How he compresses love, luck, and maths into a book of the oddest characters and makes one laugh out funny is amazing.” 

While the premise of the book is certainly serious, the ability to garner laughs from the reader is an impressive feat and points to this book as a must-read for those who enjoyed Jonasson’s first book, “The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disapeared.”

“The Secret Lives of Color”

Reccomended by Spartan editor Pearl Bellomo, she describes this non-finction as a “perfect introduction to anyone interested in art history.” St. Clair summarizes a variety of colors with interesting backstories, either with how it was created or used during a particular time. 

“For nerds like me who zone out at paint swatches in Home Depot, you’ll love it.” Bellomo also talked about the visual appeal of the book, which depicts the colors themselves on the edge of the pages, making the book just as pleasant to look at as it is to read. 

“St. Clair also happens to be a journalist and editorwhich makes me want to see more of her work.” 


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