Fighting Fish

“Fighting Fish” By Azur Wood

This work was done using acrylic, natural materials, mixed media and was 14 x 14. 

It represents the different parts of myself that do not get along. 

The struggle of being someone who cares so much for others but has their own pain they do not prioritize. 

My fishbowl of a brain has swirling thoughts of hopes, situations, worries, and what-if’s that overwhelm me. 

I’m much too hard on myself. 

I long for calm and a thriving healthy inner ecosystem. 

I represent these feelings by the beta fish, notorious as the “fighting fish” as they do not get along with even their own species. 

They tear me apart, as my own ideology does. Because how can I be so grounding for others and so nurturing, yet I attack myself for feeling? 

It becomes a bloody battle.

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