Drawing George Clooney in reverse charcoal

Artist Joe Vyvial draws a realistic portrait of George Clooney using white charcoal on black paper.

This is a portrait of George Clooney. 

It was made with white charcoal on a black paper. It was kind of an experiment because I’ve never drawn on a black paper before. Everything works the other way around from the usual drawings. 

Usually, you draw all the dark parts, and leave the highlights, or do those after with an eraser or something. 

Here, you have to draw those first and leave the dark parts. 

It’s kind of hard for your brain to process it, because the brain is used to work certain way, which doesn’t work for this.

For example, when you draw an eye, the pupil, on a normal paper with a black pencil, you do the outline first and then fill out the inside. 

The reference photo.

With this drawing, you do the outline as well, but you have to fill out the outside, so the outline has to be bigger, otherwise the pupil would look smaller. 

I tried this technique maybe three or four more times. It’s fun and great practice as well. 

I actually drew this based on a photo that already looks like it. It is black and white with one side of the face covered. 

Drawing this, based on a normal, colorful photo, would be another level, which I’m looking forward to conquering. 

More of my drawings are on my TikTok and Instagram @pepan_art.

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