When is it okay to decorate for Christmas?

Rosa Kehoe places an ornament on her Christmas tree.

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is bantering about when you are allowed to decorate for Christmas. The time where all the stores have Christmas decorations out right as Halloween hits, giving Thanksgiving no time.

As Thanksgiving rolls around, some people start to decorate for Christmas. Others have already decorated and started their Christmas traditions – before Thanksgiving has even passed.

Others wait until after Thanksgiving and some don’t start until much later.

Everyone has different opinions and different Christmas traditions, and here are some of Vermont University students’ opinions on when it’s appropriate to decorate.

Emily Coates believes that “there is never a not right time to start decorating.”

“I will start decorating as soon as Halloween is over,” she said, adding that she “thinks Thanksgiving is a good time to start coming together as a family and be integrated together.”

Christmas is very near and dear to her heart, and she said she watches Christmas movies all year round.

“You should start watching Christmas movies as soon as November first,” she said enthusiastically.

Some people, like Sally Zuk, believe that watching Christmas movies has to wait until Dec. 1, “unless it is a holiday or a tradition.

“It has to be an event, you can’t just casually watch them,” she said.

Zuk also went on to say that she takes her decorations down “about a week after Christmas.”

Some, like Jason Guerino, say you should keep Thanksgiving and Christmas totally separate. He believes that we should celebrate Thanksgiving before doing anything with Christmas.

He said you can decorate “ideally by December first, but by the very earliest after Thanksgiving.”

Alan Baird is another who believes that you should only decorate after Thanksgiving. He also feels the same about watching Christmas movies, that they can’t be watched “until after Thanksgiving, unless its National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

And there are also some who believe you should decorate later even. Angelina Gotshall believes you should decorate in the middle of December closer to Christmas.

She says that they take down their Christmas tree “A day or two after” and use it for firewood.

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