What is Castleton listening to?

If you’re a student at Castleton, it’s likely you’ve heard your fair share of country and rap music blaring from balconies or open windows. It’s no secret that a large population of students take a liking to these two genres, but that isn’t the only kind of music that’s listened to at this school. 

Senior music student Matt Moore listens to a variety of different artists and genres. When asked about a recent favorite to listen to, he said he’s been loving The Beatles. 

But his all-time favorite, if he had to pick one, is Mac Miller. 

“I can just listen to him in any mood. It’s great,” Moore said. 

It was hard for him to decide what music to talk about when asked, because Moore said enjoys a lot of different kinds of music, from jazz, to reggae and psychedelic rock.

Another senior at Castleton, Connor Davis, said his current favorite rap artist has to be the New York native A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. 

But Davis also loves country music.

“There’s too many country ones to just pick,” Davis said, when asked what his favorite country artist was. 

“Probably Morgan Wallen though,” he said, after being encouraged to pick just one.

Answers varied from students when asked about their favorite bands and songs these days, but one student really stood out. 

Jamison Baker, sophomore music student, said he really likes C418, the creator of the soundtrack for the popular game “Minecraft.” 

Castleton is a relatively diverse campus, with quite a diverse taste in music. 

One person will be listening to Rod Wave in their Air Pods, while the person walking by them listens to Metallica. Everyone’s different, and all music is art. What’s considered “good” really is all up to personal preference.

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