The return of Safe Ride among several SGA projects to serve students

Program Safe Ride provides transportation for Castleton students back to campus Friday and Saturday nights. It is one of many projects proposed by SGA delegates.

Student Government Association delegates are hard at work on a wide range of projects, with the objective to serve student needs on campus and beyond.

Kayon Morgan has recently re-started Safe Ride, a student-run program to provide reliable transportation back to campus for students who go out on the weekends.

“With our current campus climate, it is not sustainable to tell people to stay indoors,” said Morgan. “What we can do as delegates is provide people with resources to ensure that when they’re going out, they can feel some sense of safety and security. It’s a further reminder that SGA is here for the students.”

The program officially begins Saturday, Nov. 11, and continues for consecutive school Friday and Saturday nights until the end of the semester. Students may call in at 802-712-4214 from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. More information can be found in the school-wide email sent out on Nov. 11.

Jacqueline Nash is working to provide an interactive touch table in the Calvin Coolidge Library for the multi-purpose of displaying announcements or working collaboratively among peers.

Nash said the stand is adjustable, meaning that it can lay flat, be at an angle, or be standing up, allowing for many different uses. It proves an effective tool for group work as well.

“Say I’m working on a presentation, and you’re creating on the works citated, I could slide you my tab, and we could be working at the same time on different things. It’ll be a great collaborative workspace for students.”

So far, Nash has successfully had the funds approved by SGA and met with the provider company Ideum, staff of VTSU Castleton Information and Technology Services and the Calvin Coolidge Library for a product demo. The next steps are to purchase and install it at the back of the library. Once it’s officially up and running, students may check it out at the front desk.

Delegates like Nash are working on several projects at a time. She is also undertaking the task of checking the functionality of all accessibility buttons around campus, as well as identifying where accessibility is still needed.

The idea was sparked upon noticing the third floor of Castleton Hall, in which “suites are handicap accessible, but to get from the elevator to the main hall of the suite, there’s a heavy metal door and no [accessibility] button.”

Nah plans to present her findings to facilities and help find grants to make the renovations attainable.

A third delegate’s project underway is Sharon Asolmia Aganah’s plan to put a minimum of five hammocks around campus.

“Students need more places on campus to vibe, especially when it’s a nice day out,” said Asolmia Aganah, adding that her funds have been approved, and she will soon make the purchases. However, due to the current season, she plans to put them up in the spring. 

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