Seeking your favorite pet stories

Columnist Gavin Bradley talks about the significance of pets and seeks stories from Castleton students.

Researchers have always been very curious about how pets positively impact humans’ mental health. Through countless years of collecting data, extreme advancements in technology, and analyzing the crucial relationship between humans and pets we can now see that humans rely on pets significantly.  

I would almost guarantee that anyone reading this has a pet or has had a pet in the past.  

If you have not ever had a pet, I highly encourage you to look at future possibilities for you to become a pet parent! It truly is a feeling like no other, to have an animal in your life is something that can be unique and extremely beneficial overall. 

I know personally that some of my best memories were when I was with any animal, especially pets. It is remarkable that we humans cannot verbally communicate with most pets, however, we can feel more connected with them than some of our family members.  

We love them, yet we have no affirmative idea of what they are thinking or feeling. The only thing we have is data from research, and our best educated guesses on what they are feeling and thinking. 

In addition, we know of the extreme benefits that we humans attain from our animal companions. 

One of these includes the extreme benefit of learning responsibility. A trait that many companies look for when hiring a candidate is responsibility; the foundation for future success.  

Having this trait instilled in you is priceless because people can invest in you. But how do pets help us build our responsibility?  

When you are taking care of an animal you must do some things that many people would not want to do. These include chores like picking up after your pet, cleaning your pet’s enclosure or cage, and taking your pet to the Veterinary office.  

These requirements build a level of responsibility that can help many individuals in the future. Good pet owners know that these obligations are required for maintaining a healthy relationship with their pets.  

A healthy pet is vital for a healthy relationship. Another way animals tremendously help us humans is by lowering our stress and anxiety levels.  

This can be seen from Mental Health America as they state “Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) research is now exploring the benefits of pets and human-animal interaction for mental health has uncovered new benefits for stress, depression, post-traumatic stress and for managing mental health”  

Pets can also play a vital role in their human’s life by giving them a sense of purpose. When animals are in our care, they need us humans to properly look after them for survival.  

This in return can make us feel needed and loved. Feeling these emotions can make our overall mood significantly better.  

In addition, it can even help boost our self-esteem. Humans live together with each other and animals, we always have been (and if we are here) we always will be.  

Sometimes it is hard to remember that we humans are only as healthy as our environment around us. We may be the most dominant creatures that we know of, however, we are still on a planet with animals that affect us in monumental ways.  

To understand the relationship between man and the rest of the animal kingdom is vital. It is extremely vital not just for other animals, but for us as well.  

After all, who is to say we are in their world, or they are in our world?  

I am going to start a pet series in this newspaper. I am looking for any interesting stories or comments about any pet you may have with you, or you may have back at home. Please feel free to reach out, I would love to hear about the amazing connection between you and your pet!

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