Spartan seniors signing off

Top row: #1 Jordan Wright, #8 Caleb Graves, #62 Jacob Gonzalez, #91 Mark Howland, #29 Dawson Person, #42 Matt Mumford, #66 Alix Prouty, #9 James Galarneau, #11 Wyatt Jackson. Bottom row: #16 Hunter Swan, #51 Colin Moriarty, #4 Rob Guerin, #10 Noah Crossman, #25 Devin Wollner, #30 Ethan Coarse, #15 Evan Smith, #1 Caezar Williams.

Castleton football’s graduating seniors competed for the final time on Saturday at home against Dean College. Before the game, aach was asked to reflect on their time on the team and how the program has affected their lives. They were also asked to mention some of their favorite memories along the way.

#1 Jordan Wright

Castleton football has affected my life in two ways. First, it helped me understand how to be a better student. The coaches have preached student first, athlete second which helped me realize that school is important. It will help me get to where I want to go after my playing career. Second, it helped shape me into the leader that I want to be moving forward into the real world. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without Castleton football. My favorite memory of being a Spartan is being with my team celebrating in the locker room after wins. Nothing has been more special than celebrating with my brothers. Another big memory would be beating Gallaudet University two years ago when I blocked a field goal for us to win the game. Sending that year’s seniors off on the right note was special to me.

#1 Caezar Williams

Castleton football has allowed me to continue my football career and meet some of my best friends along the way. Some of my favorite memories were 2020 Halloween and our last game against Gallaudet 2021. That entire game felt like a movie especially with the way it ended winning at the last second of the game.

#4 Rob Guerin

Castleton Football has quite literally changed my entire life. Being a part of this team has built friendships and memories I will never forget. From years before and current, all my teammates have meant so much to me. My favorite memory all time would be our D Line dinner where my position group would come over and we would all cook and share a meal together from freshman to senior. Every Friday before a game we would come together, and it really built a family. Thank you to all my coaches here who have molded me into the person I am today. Finally thank you Coach Lukas Carlson. You were my captain and now my coach. You inspire me and give life to me. Thank you for helping me in my captainship and in life. WE ARE SPARTANS!

#8 Caleb Graves

Football has taught me time management and that you need to hold yourself accountable in any situation in life. My favorite memories are the friends I have made and being able to play football for the last five years.

#9 James Galarneau

Castleton football has allowed me to finish my playing career. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this year’s team and I’m thankful for the opportunity to play with this team. I enjoyed my time as a player, but my favorite memories are hanging with the fellas after the games. I’ve met some of my best friends during my time here and I will always reminisce on the memories that I had with my core group of friends on the team.

#10 Noah Crossman

Castleton football has allowed me to find some of my best friends over the last five years. My favorite memories will be all the time that we spent together every day.

#15 Evan Smith

Castleton football has taught me that win or lose, there is always good food at the tailgates. My favorite memories are munching on ice in the athletic training room and going to the tailgates after the game where I can enjoy good food. My mom usually gets me a chicken sammy. Thanks mom. I also like the grapes in the dining hall.

#16 Hunter Swan

Castleton football affected my life by teaching me the importance of hard work and showed me how far dedication can take you. Over my five years, I have made a lot of memories and got to meet a lot of great people. Some of my favorite memories are getting my first start against Plymouth State and catching my first career touchdown against UNE this year.

#25 Devin Wollner

I would say that Castleton football affected my life in the best way possible. Because if it wasn’t for the coaching staff reaching out to me, I don’t think that I would’ve been here. I would be back at home working, thinking about how I wished I can play college football. Also, most of my best memories from being a part of the football team were the team activities. We had a talent show my freshman and the DB’s dressed up as the coaches and acted like them. At the end of that season, we had practiced in the snow, and it looked like we were inside of a snow globe. It was a cool moment that I’ve never experienced before.

#29 Dawson Pierson

Castleton football has shown me that family is more than the people you’re related to. Over my five years, I got to meet a lot of great people and make some great connections. A lot of the people I’ve met I’m going to be friends with for the rest of my life. Some of my favorite memories being a part of the team are getting my first interception against Keystone my junior season, getting my first collegiate start against Norwich in 2019, all the competitions I’ve competed in against the guys, and receiving a conference weekly award for the first time against UNE this season.

#30 Ethan Coarse

Castleton football has allowed me to continue my love for football while creating new friendships along the way. I’m forever grateful for all the time I’ve spent at Mechanic St. with my friends after a big win.

Castleton football has also been a great resource for ensuring good grades. From our mandatory study halls to academic meetings with the coaches, I was able to maintain good grades throughout my time here. This was very helpful when applying to graduate school.

#42 Matt Mumford

Castleton football has given me so many new friendships and has helped improve my grades in my last year of school. I wish I joined the team freshman year. Some of my favorite memories are hanging out at the gazebo after Huden during camp and beating Plymouth this year in our home opener.

#51 Colin Moriarty

Castleton football has affected my life from all memories that I created with players and coaches. Those people have pushed and motivated me to be the best person every day. I appreciate the people that I met and got to know along the way throughout the last four years. There are many memories that I am going to take away from my time here that I couldn’t have got if I went to any other university. Some of my favorite memories that I remember are beating Gallaudet in 2021, and Plymouth in 2023.

#62 Jacob Gonzalez

Castleton football gave me the opportunity to live out my childhood dream of playing college football. The amount of time and dedication I’ve put into the game allowed me to go to the next level. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to continue to play as less than 10 percent of high school athletes get a chance to compete as college athletes. I’ve met so many different people throughout my career. I’ve met some of my best friends through college football who I consider my brothers for life. From hanging out on the weekends to simply going out to get some food, the little things will always mean more than anything. Some of my favorite football memories would have to be getting my first career start in 2021 against St. Lawrence. The euphoric feeling walking onto that field is something I’ve never experienced before. Another core memory is getting my first legit sack against UNE in 2023. Tackling the quarterback in the back field is a way different feeling than getting him at the line of scrimmage. Lastly, I want to thank all my coaches for pushing me to be a better person. I’m thankful I was able to learn and grow as a player each year and have them teach me along the way. I want to thank my captain, mentor, and coach Lukas Carlson for helping me since day one. I can’t thank you enough for bringing me into the program as a player and guiding me to become the best player possible as a coach. It has truly been a pleasure being a Spartan. #62 out!

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