Spartan athletes working double-time

Junior Andrew Stefura splits time between ice hockey and golf.

Some trade a tennis racket for skis. For others, it’s cleats for skis, or golf clubs for a hockey stick. 

Some Vermont State University at Castleton athletes can do it all. 

While fall sports seasons are coming to an end, winter seasons are already here, and Castleton has plenty of busy athletes who participate in multiple sports. 

A handful of fall sports and winter sports slightly overlap, and some don’t, but many of the dual-sport athletes have a quick turnaround from one season to another.

“The transition is pretty fast, considering that tennis is a fall sport and skiing a winter one. I had 1 week break between the two and now I’m already training for the ski season going to lifts,” said sophomore Ginny Trevisan. 

Transitioning from one season to another gives athletes very little time for rest and balance between sports and schoolwork. 

But these dual-sport athletes love the grind of seasons and how it keeps them busy.

“Transitioning from one sport to another is definitely challenging but is one of the most exciting times of year for me,” said junior football player and skier, Kevin McDonough. 

Each dual-sport athlete’s experience playing multiple sports is different, but all of those interviewed said the ability to play two sports led them to Castleton.

“Being able to play both football and skiing is one of the main reasons I chose Castleton. Being a dual-sport athlete is very time consuming but also very rewarding. Football has allowed me to make friends from all over the U.S. and skiing has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world,” McDonough said.

The athletes say playing sports in different seasons bring new experiences and connections to different teammates from all over the country and the world. 

“It’s a cool to be able to have the dual-sport athlete experience with a handful of other guys on the team. A lot of guys on the golf team play other sports as well like baseball, so it’s cool to intertwine with other sports teams because we come together during another sport we enjoy,” said golfer and hockey player Andrew Stefura. 

Playing two sports might not give these athletes a very long break between seasons, but it allows for them to branch out to other athletes outside of their main sport. And for most, they like the challenge and like the tight schedule.

“After football ends, I usually have a week off before skiing starts and when skiing ends, I have about a week before spring football. The schedule keeps me busy which I find to be a good thing,” McDonugh said. 

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