SGA hosts ‘Movie Night’ at Casella Theater

Casella Theater hosted a movie night for the Rutland community on Oct. 21-22, and more than 100 people attended.  

The theater showed two movies back-to-back, starting with “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie’s release, and the wildly successful and recently released “Barbie.”  

This movie night idea was sparked by the Student Government Association, due to the loss of the movie theater in Rutland, said SGA President Perry Ragouzis.  

“We recognized that there was a need suddenly in our community for movies again. Students who wanted a movie experience used to be able to just go to Rutland,” Ragouzis said. “So, our congress came together and we decided that monthly we would put on movies again.”  

This need was certainly met as a total of 112 people attended over the two days and had positive feedback to give.  

The audience practically cheered when the lights began to dim and the real authentic movie theater experience was being felt again.  

Though food was not allowed inside the theater itself, concessions were still provided in the lobby where many people gathered with lively conversations during a brief 10-minute intermission as the next movie was being set up.  

It was a fun and engaging intermission, with a mini basket raffle for audience members to participate in. Baskets including a “movie theater” basket filled with traditional movie theater snacks and a “VTSU apparel” basket that had items including clothes and as a VTSU water bottle, were up for grabs.  

Audience members were engaged as applause rang out each time a winner was announced. The movies chosen were a hit too, with audience members giving a hearty round of applause at both movies’ ends. 

Conversations about both movies were sparked as audience members left the theater.  

“It was a wonderful experience. It filled a void that was definitely needed in the community,” said Diane Baker, a Rutland community member who attended.  

Another community member, Zahra Abbas, agreed.  

“It was a fun experience. It’s been a while since I had a movie theater experience like this. I hope the theater continues to do this,” she said with a smile. He thinks the SGA will hosyt another movie night in the future, but with some changes.  

Ragouzis said he thinks the SGA will be hosting another movie night, but with changes. 

“It will likely be for one night with just one movie, due to the pretty high cost of putting on an event like this, and the high turnout that we would need in order for us to break even,” he said. “This all being said, I am very proud of the event that we put on, and I anticipate that this has the potential to be a really great opportunity and event for the Rutland County community as the year develops.”

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