Drawing Mike Tyson as a kid versus now

Graphic Design student Joe Vyvial showcases his portrait of role model Mike Tyson when he was 12 years old.

If I was to tell you about people I look up to the most, Mike Tyson would be in the top three. 

I read his book, I’ve seen all his fights, interviews and tv moments multiple times. It’s his life journey that makes him one of my role models. I’m intrigued by how he become this chill, very wise, old, yet still in a great shape and respected man from a feared, dangerous, hotheaded, and baddest man on the planet,

I did the first portrait when I was 12. 

I was in my bed, ready to go to sleep I remember. And all the sudden I felt like drawing. I finished the whole portrait in less than hour. 

Hyper-realistic sketch.

The second one I did was at the end of last year. 

It was my first hyper-realism portrait attempt. The first time, I used the grid technique. I think it turned out pretty good. I wish I used better, smoother paper, or that his whole head would fit on the paper, but other than that, pretty good. 

For a medium, I used charcoal mostly, graphite and a white gel pen for the highlights. It took me around 20 hours to complete the drawing. 

There are progress photos and videos on my TikTok and Instagram @pepan_art.

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