Beast Pass spells adventure for all VTSU-Castleton students

Four friends enjoy the Beast Pass at Killington in 2022

This is the season of the beginning sales of the Beast Pass! As winter’s icy grip starts to take hold of Vermont, Vermont State University at Castleton is heating the slopes with the recurring exciting offer – the ‘Castleton Beast Pass.’

Geared toward thrill-seeking students with an interest in skiing and snowboarding, this pass provides an outlet to take advantage of the upcoming winter season at Pico and Killington Ski Resort.

This pass offers access to the snow-covered terrain of Pico and Killington, two of Vermont’s most popular winter locations, for individuals who have always wanted to conquer the slopes.

The pass includes free access at Pico Mountain for all Vermont State University students and a discounted price of $279 for a season pass at Killington.

Since Castleton is located only 30 minutes away from Pico Ski Resort and 45 minutes from Killington, an abundant number of students on campus ski or snowboard.

“Killington is a huge reason people choose to come to Castleton and being able to get a season pass to arguably the best mountain in the east at a fraction of the cost is unheard of,” said Junior Kevin McDonough, expressing his appreciation of the pass.

These mountains are well-known for their difficult trails and wide range of snow activities, which makes them the perfect choice for adventure lovers.

“The beast pass is definitely worth getting!” said Junior Becca Roy. “A day ticket to Killington in the peak season is close to 100 dollars, so even if you go just a handful of times you are definitely getting your money’s worth.”

Killington and Pico Mountain are two renowned ski resorts in Vermont, each offering a unique set of benefits and experiences for winter sports enthusiasts.

“Pico is great for weekends when Killington has long lift lines or crowds,” Roy continued. “I love Killington on weekdays and snow days because there are fewer crowds and so many different options for trails and lifts. I love that I have both options so close by.”

Providing the Beast Pass Pico, and Killington, gives students an opportunity to enjoy two world-class resorts, while also supporting the local community’s love for winter sports.

“I know many students, including myself, were worried it would go away with the merger but it’s awesome they were able to keep it,” said McDonough. “The beast pass gives Castleton students something to keep them busy during the winter months and encourages students to try new things without the cost being a limiting factor.”

Many students at Castleton are looking forward to what looks to be an exciting season on the slopes as winter approaches.

Students may purchase the pass online at the link included in a school-wide email entitled “Castleton Beast Pass” sent out earlier this October.

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