Why we ride: At home on the mountain

From left to right, Will Buck, Spencer Lane, Ryan Mitchell and Mason Fleischer-Svayg cheese it up at Killlington on a nice sunny day.

We all start somewhere, and we all find enjoyment in all kinds of different ways.

Some lay low, or some sore high, but a small group of special individuals enjoy the cold snow while laying low and soaring high.

I’m talking about snowboarders, snow surfers, or just simply, riders.

I ride because it frees my mind from the hectic world we so desperately live in.

It calms my nerves, makes me focus on just myself, and boosts my confidence when feeling low. 

Others ride for different reasons though. 

“I like the feeling of flying. Whether in the air or just ripping around,” said Ben Thompson.

Ryan Mitchell says he rides for his household. 

“My family got me into the mountains and since then I have loved it and never wanted to stop.”

“I ride because it’s a good way to gauge my confidence in life. Plus, it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had with my friends. It’s a great way to make friends too,” said Will Buck.

Spencer Lane rides because “it’s so relaxing just going down the mountain. When I’m stressed it’s nice to just take some laps and unwind for a bit.”

Tony Gardner states he rides to escape. 

“For me it’s a getaway. When life is chaotic, and I need I break I go snowboarding because it is peaceful and I’m in control.”

And lastly, Jasmin Gomez enjoys the feelings of the snow.

“After years of navigating a chronic pain illness, snowboarding never seemed like an option. But learning how to ride showed me that I can have control of my body, and I’m much stronger than what doctors have told me, she said. “Going to the mountain is the one place stress and life’s problems don’t exist.”

We all ride for different reasons, but we all go to the same place to share these feelings. 

The mountains are our home, and our boards are our safe zones. 

No matter what happens in our lives, we riders always know our snowboard will be there for us.

But not just our snowboard, our snowboarding community will be there for us too, ready to tackle and support any trouble we may have.

Snowboarding is for the feelings it creates under our feet, but it’s really to have a family. 

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