Gamer Gonzo: Reliving memories of dirt biking with MX vs. ATV

First person shooters are my favorite type of video games and it’s very rare that I play other genres. I’m not saying I haven’t played other games. I have a decent taste for games.

I don’t think a lot of people will have a clue what this next game is,  so I’m here to explain it for you!

MX vs. ATV is a racing game involving dirt bikes and four wheelers in a variety of different track types. There’s a single player mode where you race against AI on a select difficulty completing each race type in the game, while multiplayer allows you to play against other people.

Let me give you the reason why I decided to get this game.

My stepdad used to race dirt bikes in Arenacross, which is a smaller version of supercross, the big races in stadiums like MetLife and AT&T Stadium.

When he broke his femur in a race, he decided to teach my stepbrother Shay and I how to ride dirt bikes.

We both fell in love with it! We started to watch the supercross and motocross, outdoor version of the race every weekend. My stepdad even took us to Unadilla, where we watched the best riders like Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and Chad Reed battle it out!

When I played this game, it felt like I was them. I fell in love with being able to put myself in those races.

MX vs. ATV: Unleashed was the first game in this series and it is the game I played the most. I would play this game at home on Shay’s Xbox taking turns or I would play it on the road on my PSP.

If you had a PSP, I’m so happy that we can share the nostalgia trip that it gives us.

Unleashed allowed the professional riders to play as the AI if you wanted, which made me love this game even more!

I would play for hours racing and even commentating some of the races whenever I was playing, imagining myself racing the riders I looked up to.

With the number of times I’ve been the supercross champion, I should be put into the Hall of Fame for MX vs. ATV.

Now there are more games in the series, but I haven’t played any of them since Unleashed. My love for first-person shooters had taken over and I thought I would never play another game after.

Until January, when I walked into a GameStop to see MX vs. ATV: Legends, the newest game in the series. There was a collector’s edition that came with the game that included a keychain, free DLC, five artwork pictures from the game and a dirt bike figurine.

The box I picked up at GameStop was listed for $30 instead of $60 dollars. It ended up being a misprint of the tag and the manager let me buy it for that price if I wanted it.

It’s a game I haven’t played for over 10 years and now I have this sick deal right in front of me. It would be dumb of me not to buy!

Legends added an open world story mode that allows you to progress starting from the amateurs and working your way to the pros. This was a great addition to the game.

The only problem is the content is minimal. After about week 30, you start to notice the same cycle of maps. The customization is very sad and there aren’t many jerseys, pants, goggles or boots to change.

You would think after all these years they would be able to offer more to the customization and a compelling story to keep the player base. 

I was happy to get to play an updated a version of MX vs. ATV, but I’m left asking for more. I went through the entire game’s content in days and was bored after a week.

If I still had the imagination of my 8-year-old self, this game would probably hit a lot more different.

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