Spring Has Sprung

Meg McGurl suns herself on a nice spring day.

The sun is out and many of us are starting to feel the weight of seasonal depression lift off our shoulders. As finals veer around the corner, students lay out blankets to study outside to enjoy this weather. Time to take a trip to Bomoseen to tan, play frisbee, and cool off in the water. 

“I’m looking forward to being able to go hiking again, kayaking and canoeing, camping, and I’m looking forward to being a little less depressed,” said student Hadley Swainbank, when asked what she’s doing in the warmer weather. 

“Spring is like my favorite season because after a long cold winter it’s just so bright and cheery and everything turns green, and the flowers start blooming and it’s just like such a bright happy time I think,” added Swainbank. 

Other students, like Hannah Loiselle, noted that it’s time to break out the kayaks and canoes and get ready for some water activities. 

“It’s starting to get warmer out which means you can do more activities outside such as hiking and outside parties,” Loiselle said.

As an avid skier, it’s important to note the positives of the melting snow. Connor Murphy said, “Why would I not be excited for spring? I’m able to speed on the roads without the ice, you know bad conditions don’t really exist unless it’s raining really hard. The waters warm, you know the leaves are on the trees.” 

Along with good road conditions and growing trees, Murphy is able to financially save. 

“I don’t have to pay for heating my house,” Murphy said. “Tax season is over, so I don’t have to worry about that. I get to catch those big lakers in the pond, you know what I’m saying? Yeehaw!”

Haley Agan is also stoked about this season of growth. 

“Yes, I am so excited for spring because I just love soaking up the sun and seeing all the new growth, all the green things,” said Agan. “I just love it. I’m not so sad anymore, I’m not cooped up inside, I get to go outside.” 

Rosie Phalen leaves us with some words that we should all think of moving forward. 

“I feel as though when the suns out, I can have my guns out and then I can really feel like myself again,” she said sarcastically. 

All in all, the students here at Castleton are psyched to get out in the sun and enjoy this warm weather.

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