CAB auction packs the 1787 Room with prizes

When Izzy Segui walked into the 1787 Room in the Campus Center, the excited energy was palpable.

She sat in her seat, her foot tapping anxiously on the floor as the other seats in the room began to fill up with dozens of other students.

She held her fake money in her left hand, and her paddle donning the number five in her right. She eyed up the prizes at the front of the room, and was mentally preparing for which ones she would bid on.

Finally the auctioneer’s voice rang out and the Castleton Activities Board auction began.

When students walked into the auction, they were handed a sheet of fake money used to bid on items, and a paddle with a number on it. The vast table of prizes at the front of the room included bedding sets, card games and various car gadgets.

Adsel Sparrow, a member of CAB, discussed how the prizes are selected for events like this auction.

“The prizes for the auction are picked by CAB members on our Traditions Board. Bryce Diggs is the chair of the board, and we have several members who work on the board and help choose prizes, among other duties,” she said.

Students could win as many prizes as they wanted, they just had to manage their fake money accordingly. Once they were out of money, they could not get any more.

“I had never been to a CAB event before, but I have to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. It was really fun, and I would definitely go again,” said Segui, a sophomore social work major.

Alexandra Johnson also talked about how fun the event was.

“I have been at this school for three years, and this was the first CAB event I’ve ever been to. I definitely feel like I’ve been missing out,” Johnson said.

The event proved successful for both as they walked away with various prizes.

“I won an air freshener for my car that you can control from an app on your phone, and a card game to play with friends. They had really cool prizes,” said Segui.

“I won a karaoke microphone that you can connect to your phone and play music through,” said Johnson.

CAB really captured the essence of a real auction as multiple bidding wars ensued over some of the top prizes. James Wolfe stood as the auctioneer and spoke like a real auctioneer as well.

“I thought it was really cool how the auctioneer was talking in the auctioneer voice so it really felt like an auction,” said freshman Meg Aiken.

The energy throughout the room was electric and you could see pure joy on the face of everyone in the room. The event was definitely a success.

“I am sad I have just discovered CAB events,” said Johnson with a regrettable look on her face. “This was a great event, and going to a CAB event every few weeks would be a great way to break up my month, and bring a new sense of excitement to the week.”

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