Get it while it’s still here!

The last semester of Castleton University, under that name, has begun.

The entire university is preparing for the name change, but the Campus Center bookstore is still stocked with Castleton University merchandise.

For now, at least.

Travis Mullally, manager of the bookstore since November, said he has noticed people stopping in just to buy that last hat, hoodie, or T-shirt.

And as of right now, there are plenty of options to go around – though Mullally guesses that more and more people will come in as we get closer to the end of the semester.

“People who are coming in and buying Castleton merch are all mentioning, ‘this is the last time I’m gonna be able to get this!’” Mullally said. “We’ve seen people from the local community coming in to buy some of the Castleton University stuff. I’ve had a few alumni coming in in the past few weeks to get the shirt that they lost 10 years ago, or something, and they want to make sure that they can have one.”

Mullally said that he thinks it’s “bittersweet” for many of the people coming in to buy merchandise. Some alumni have even mentioned that this is only one of Castleton’s past name changes.

“We’ve had that conversation a couple of times, where somebody’s like, ‘when I was here, it wasn’t even Castleton University, so this doesn’t quite feel right,’” Mullally said.

When alumni were reached out to on Facebook to ask if they’re planning to stock up on CU merch before the name change, multiple people commented that they were disappointed that they could no longer get Castleton State College merchandise. One of the commentors provided screenshots of items on the website that said “Castleton” instead of “Castleton University” on them.

Regardless of what comes before or after “Castleton” on your diploma, it’s clear that those who come to this school have a strong connection to it. In fact, Mullally shared a story of an alum, who said she graduated 50 years ago, calling the bookstore looking for a license plate frame. Hers had been damaged, and he said she sounded “teary eyed” because she didn’t think she’d be able to get another one.

Luckily, Mullally was able to send her a replacement.

“Just to have that community connection 50 years later is really kind of impressive,” Mullally said.

More recent alum Marty Kelly, class of 2022, decided to stop by the bookstore when he was in town to grab a 343 green polo shirt with Castleton University embroidered on the chest.

“I’ll definitely be buying some more stuff before this semester ends. I loved it so much when I went to college here and I just want to make sure that I have apparel from this place forever,” Kelly said. “I feel a little bit extra good going about my day if I have a Castleton shirt or hat or something on while I do it.”

Some current students are thinking ahead as well. Toby Ritzkowski, a sophomore and member of the soccer team, said he already has a lot of Castleton merch, specifically from athletics, but he still wants to hold onto the CU name.

“I came in looking to go to Castleton and it’s weird to go to a different school in some ways,” Ritzkowski said. “Once I heard about the name change, I was like, ‘might as well stock up now.’”

Senior Greg Knowles feels similarly. He said he has “a bit” of Castleton merch but he might be heading to the bookstore to get more soon.

“A lot of it is beat up, so I should definitely stock up before it goes away forever,” Knowles said.

Mullally said he isn’t sure yet what will happen to leftover CU merchandise, but he mentioned that Vermont State University items are in the works. So, if students and alumni want to stock up now, they should.

“It’s one of those things that 20 years down the road, you’ll miss more than you think you will. So, if you’re a student here, come get it now. And maybe buy two t-shirts and lock one away somewhere,” Mullally said.

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