Sports bloopers: What the hell happened?

Well here we are. Another batch of sports is in the books. The MLB playoffs have taken a crazy turn, and the NFL season is heating up. Let’s break it down. 


I am begging the NFL to please give us good primetime games. 

I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take. 

It seems like every week Russel WIlson gets to play in primetime and it’s just soooo awful to watch! 

Then we get the Commanders and Bears and it’s the same damn thing.  

I thought that Justin Herbert going up against Russ would provide some offense and be a decent game, but even Herbert couldn’t do it. 

Is there a curse on primetime NFL games??  

NFL, what the hell happened? 


How about Josh Naylor from the Cleveland Guardians? 

Cleveland leads the best-of-five series against the Yankees 2-1, and Josh Naylor hits a solo shot off of Gerrit Cole. 

Keep in mind, it’s only the fourth inning, Cleveland was losing at that point, and even after the homer they were still losing.  

This really wasn’t a time where Naylor should’ve been showing off or taunting, but I guess he thought it was. 

As he rounded the bases, he made a gesture at Cole where he was rocking an imaginary baby, basically saying Cole was his son. 

It was just really unnecessary, and pretty disrespectful. 

Regardless of what you thought about it, the point is that the baseball gods don’t usually like that stuff. 

Which is probably why they lost that game, and then lost the next game which ended Cleveland’s season.  

Just hear me out for a second, maybe he should’ve just rounded the bases normally? 

Anyway, in game five at Yankee Stadium, the fans were constantly mimicking Naylor’s taunt and chanting “who’s your daddy?” everytime he got out.  

The final blow was when Gleyber Torres made the final out to send the Guardians packing, he repeated Naylor’s gesture as a nice middle-finger. 

It’s just a case of letting the scoreboard do the talking, and I applaud it. 

Josh Naylor, what the hell happened? 


 Can we talk about week six of the NFL season in general?  

Holy shit I didn’t expect anything like that to happen. I literally finished in a tie for second-to-last place in picks at 7-12. 

Let’s see… the Falcons beat the 49ers – not a crazy upset but still an upset. 

The Colts beat the Jags and the Seahawks beat the Cardinals, still nothing crazy, but again, they’re still upsets in my book. 

Let’s see what else we got… 

Oh, I guess the Giants are an actual team this year. That’s crazy. I didn’t expect them to beat Lamar Jackson’s Ravens, but good for them. 

The Jets beat the Packers – What the actual shit!? 

The Steelers beat Tom Brady and the Bucs?? What kind of Twilight Zone episode are we in? 

So yeah, NFL week six, what the hell happened? 


Speaking of big upsets, it’s time to talk about our biggest loser, so let’s check out the NL side of the MLB playoff bracket.  

The top-seeded Dodgers took on the bottom-seeded Padres, and the two-seed Braves took on the Phillies, another wild card team. 

How are the top two seeds gonna lose to two wild card teams!? 

I’m just baffled by that. 

To add insult to injury, both matchups were division opponents, so not only did the Braves and Dodgers lose to wild cards, they also lost to rivals. 

The Braves were also the defending champs, so that’s not a very good look for them. 

As for the Dodgers, they had one of the best seasons in MLB history, so to lose to the Padres the way they did has to be heartbreaking. 

Dodgers and Braves, what the hell happened? 


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