Sports bloopers: What the hell happened?

Well, this is an awesome time to be a sports fan. Baseball playoffs are here, and the NFL season is in full swing. That means it’s time for me to tell y’all what the hell happened. 

– – – 

One of my favorite things about baseball is the fact that a team like the New York Mets can lead their division for 175 days in a row, and still not end up winning the division. 

The Mets spent nearly the entire season in the top spot in the NL East, and lost that top spot just a few days before the season ended. 

On the other hand, the Atlanta Braves led the division for less than a week, and got a first round bye, while the Mets have to play in the wildcard round. 

Classic Mets. 

Oh well, maybe if they didn’t get swept by the braves they’d be enjoying that first round bye. 

New York Mets, what the hell happened? 

– – – 

Alright, next up we’ve got some action from day one of the MLB playoffs.  

Game one of the Cardinals vs. Phillies series, and the Cardinals looked to have it all wrapped up. 

They had a 2-0 lead over the Phillies going into the top of the 9th inning, with one of the best closers in baseball. 

Easy peasy right? 

Yeah, they lost 6-3. 

Ryan Helsley, who allowed just six runs in July, August, and September combined, allowed four god damn runs in just the ninth inning. 

Man, what a collapse. 

I’m actually really rooting for the Cardinals too. I’d love to see Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina, and Adam Wainwright win some more playoff games before they retire, but if they lose one of the next two games it’ll all be over. 

St. Louis Cardinals, what the hell happened? 

– – – 

You’ll get a kick out of this one.  

So last time, I talked about how Russel Wilson signed with the Broncos and played his former team and he played like shit. 

Well, in the past few weeks we’ve learned that this trash version of Russel Wilson is here to stay. 

Not only has he not been playing anywhere near the way he played in Seattle, last Thursday against the Indianapolis Colts he reached a new low. 

That game was downright one of, if not the single worst game of football I’ve ever watched.  

As a matter of fact, even the broadcasters felt the need to address how awful that game was, with reporters for a local station even apologizing for airing that game for people to watch. 

I mean the game finished 12-9 which goes to show it was boring as hell anyways. 

But nobody even scored a touchdown? 

I mean are you kidding me?  

That was just painful to sit through and watch, not to mention people actually paid good money to go to that game. 

I saw a video of crowds of people walking out as the game got sent to overtime. They didn’t even stay to watch the ending to a game that was tied. 

Colts and Broncos, what the hell happened? 

– – – 

And now time for our biggest loser… 

Oh lord, I’m just in awe of the fact that this actually happened, but the Miami Dolphins screwed Tua Tagovailoa so badly that it infuriated a whole nation. 

We all saw the video of Tua stumbling after he smacked his head on the ground during that game against the Bills.  

The guy was clearly concussed, but they let him finish the game, saying he had a back injury, which everyone knew was total bullshit. 

That was bad enough. 

But then to send him out there to play another game four days later?! 

Come on guys that’s just fucked up. 

Sure enough, the already concussed Tua took another shot to the head, and ended up getting sent to the hospital. 

I mean come on, there’s no reason why he should’ve been allowed to play that game, and now look at what happened.  

We’re lucky he’s actually healthy enough to play again this season. 

To the Dolphins medical staff, what the hell happened?

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