’Fit Check: Sam Massey

In this issue’s ’Fit Check, Lily talks to first-year student and thrift store enthusiast Sam Massey, outfitted in Goodwill and vintage pants.  

Q. Can you introduce yourself? 

A. Hi, I’m Sam Massey. I’m a political science major and I’m a freshman this year.  

Q. What are you wearing today?  

A. I got this white shirt from Walmart two days ago. Got this (vest) from Goodwill, got this (pair of shoes) from Goodwill and then these are Ralph Lauren green velour pants that I bought for $120, I believe.  

Q. What about your accessories? 

A. This (belt) is my dad’s. This (pair of glasses) is my prescription.  

Q. How would you describe your sense of style?  

A. Very chaotic. I don’t have a set style; I just see things that would probably look good together and I just do it.  

Q. Do you have a favorite article of clothing? What is it?  

A. Probably my green velour pants. They’re Ralph Lauren, they’re from the ’80s and they look really cool. So that’s probably my favorite right now.  

 Q. Where are your favorite places to shop?  

A. I usually go to Goodwill to get things, sometimes farmers markets, flea markets, stuff like that.  

Q. Have you been having success thrifting in Vermont?  

A. Let’s just say the Indiana Goodwills are better, but there’s some pretty good ones, yeah.  

 Q. What’s the most recent article of clothing you bought?  

A. Yesterday I went to Walmart to buy this cream button up. It looks real nice, I like it.  

 Q. What’s a piece of fashion advice you swear by? 

A. Not everything has to match, just wear things because you want to wear it.  




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