Sports bloopers: What the hell happened?

Well, the NFL season is officially underway and boy did week one deliver. We had some crazy highlights, and as we’ve come to expect, we also had a fair share of screwups. I’m here to tell you about the latter, so let’s do it.

So one of the takeaways people had from week one, is that none of the teams in the AFC South won a game.

This isn’t really worth including, but it is when two of the teams in that division PLAYED EACH OTHER!

Enter the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans.

The Texans held a 20-3 lead going into the fourth quarter. Fast forward to the end of the fourth, and the game was tied 20-20.

In overtime, the two teams exchanged failed drives until eventually the clock was fully bled out.

They had a whole 10 minutes of game-time and neither of them could score?

That’s just embarrassing guys.

Starting the season off 0-0-1?

Texans and Colts, what the hell happened?

The next one comes from a guy who took the time to do the most important research society needed.

As you might’ve heard by now, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has been known for not studying film, and I think we now know the reason why.

Somebody put together a statistical analysis of Kyler Murray’s performances during Call of Duty’s double XP weekends, and the results speak for themselves.

According to the data, Kyler Murray has a drop off in every stat category during double XP weekends, with the most notable being a -7.77 difference in his passer rating.

The numbers don’t lie, and one can clearly see that it’s having an impact on his play, even if to a small degree.

I don’t blame the kid for wanting to play. I’ve blown off homework for a double XP weekend before. It’s the best time to grind.

Unfortunately Call of Duty’s release is right during football season, so he doesn’t really have a chance to enjoy it to the fullest.

But I think things change when you’re being paid as much as he is. At some point you have to put the game down and play your best on the field.

Kyler Murray, what the hell happened?

Well, every year we hear those chants of “this is our year.”

But, I think even Cowboys fans know this isn’t their year.

Even before Dak Prescott got injured, the team wasn’t looking good at all. Prescott’s injury only made their efforts even weaker.

It also ensured that they’d be without their starting quarterback for about 6-8 weeks, which doesn’t look good for their season in the long run.

To make matters worse, the Cowboys were the only team in the entire league that didn’t score a touchdown in week one.

But hey, there’s always next week.

Dallas Cowboys, what the hell happened?

Alright it’s time for the biggest loser, and this time it’s gotta go to Russel Wilson and the Denver Broncos.

I mean it’s the perfect set-up.

Russ leaves the Seahawks and in week one he plays against them. Not to mention the Seahawks announced Geno Smith as the starter.

Talk about a downgrade.

This was supposed to be an easy one for the Broncos, and it was supposed to be therapeutic for Russ.

Nobody expected Geno Smith to ball out and beat the Broncos in that game, but he did.

That game isn’t entirely on Russ, since the Broncos play-calling was awful all night, especially late in the game.

I actually kinda feel bad for Russ.

It’s kinda sad to hear all the Seattle boos he got when he took the field after everything he did for Seattle.

Russ might not have played a great game, but the play-calling and game management is what did him in.

Denver Broncos, what the hell happened?

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