Club fair ’Fit Check: Jessica Emery

Q. Can you introduce yourself?

A. My name is Jessica Emery, I’m an English major and I’m a sophomore. 

Q. What are you wearing today?

A. I’m wearing these tights that I cut from the Dollar Tree. This shirt, I think, is from H&M. My skirt is my cheerleading skirt from high school. These knee-highs I think I thrifted, the shoes are Doc Martens, and the leg warmers I think I got from Ocean State Job Lots. The “J” (on my necklace) I made in jewelry class in high school, and the heart was my grandmother’s.

Q. How would you describe your sense of style?

A. I don’t like to label it because it makes me feel constricted to only fit in one aesthetic and I don’t like that idea. But if I’m going to put labels, I would say I strive a lot towards the hippie-esque, very seventies inspired (style). Like vintage brands, I like a lot of things like that. And then occasionally I’ll throw in more edge and wear more black

Q. Do you have a favorite article of clothing? What is it?

A. I have a sweater that my friend let me have, like, two years ago, it’s this cream-colored (sweater) with pinks and purples kind of woven in. It’s very loose knit, and it’s cropped, so it’s like one of those shirts that doesn’t actually cover anything, it’s just sleeves kind of. And yeah, that’s my favorite and I wear it all the time.

Q. Where are your favorite places to shop?

A. I go to a lot of places in Burlington, like a lot of the thrift stores, like Battery Street Jeans. I do shop at Urban Outfitters, specifically the sale section though because it’s always 50% off their clearance stuff, which is so good. And then Goodwill of course, but I also get a lot of hand-me-downs from my cousins … I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes.

Q. What’s the most recent article of clothing you bought?

A. Before I came back, me and my mom and my aunt took a shopping trip to Maine and I got these pants from this boutique in some weird town, I forget what it was called, but it was these pants that had a bunch of patchwork-like designs on them.

Q. What’s a piece of fashion advice you swear by?

A. You can pull anything off … I used to say “I can’t wear that, I can’t pull it off.” Just wear it. Literally, just wear it and it’ll be fine.

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