Babygate continues on

A trend that is as ominous as it is confusing has spread across campus in recent weeks — the appearance of small, plastic babies on suite balconies, in bathrooms, and in other mysterious places. 

The news of this originated with several anonymous YikYak posts appearing, quite literally, out of nowhere. One post featured a short video of one of the babies with the caption “They’ve arrived.”

So far, the baby-fied buildings include Morrill Hall, Babcock Hall, and Haskell Hall. 

YikYak users colloquially referred to as “pumpkin” and “germ” claimed responsibility for what is now being referred to as “Babygate.” 

Like the rubber duck trends of old, these babies are placed in strange places for people to find, post about, then pass on to the next location. In a post from Sept. 8, one user asked all who find them to “keep the babies circulating” — and that is exactly what people are doing. 

Most students who have seen or heard of the babies simply think the whole situation is strange. 

“I think it’s fucking weird,” Mya Pacquette said. 

Kailey Abbott-Bishop said she was more concerned with the elevator not functioning in Babcock and that she “thought that (the babies) were just a joke.” 

Some met these incidents with positivity, like Erin Forkin, who was “hopeful to see more stuff like this.” 

Others were completely unaware, either having not seen or heard of them at all. 

“This is new to me. I didn’t know this was planned. I thought the people on my floor did it unintentionally and I want to learn more. I want to learn the method to their madness,” Patrick McGuirk said.

 What is their method then? Who and why are they doing this? This has not been made clear by the supposed perpetrators. However, one thing does remain — according to Germ, “I can tell you there is more to come.”

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