Stone’s Sports Corner: Offseason moves

 sports fan where the NFL, NHL and NBA are all getting ready to start up again. 

The time of year when best friends can become enemies on Sundays because of the team they cheer for. 

The time of year when adults can act like children if their team hit the post in the dying seconds of the third period, or when there’s a missed wide open buzzer beater to win the game.  

This time of year makes every sports fan giddy. Especially with how much of a clusterf*ck each sports offseason has been. 

NFL – crazy. 

NHL – crazy. 

NBA – crazy. 

Big name players moving around in all leagues.  

There’s also an MLB season going on. Can’t forget about that.  

But let’s jump into the NFL. Yet again, the Cleveland Browns prove to be just a dumpster fire of an organization with how they dished Baker Mayfield. 

Like I get it, they didn’t feel that he was their guy, but he led them to their first playoff win in years a couple seasons back, and after one injury ridden season where he wasn’t good, they said “see ya later Baker.” I just don’t really get it.  

On the topic of trades, Russell Wilson to the Broncos caught me way off guard. The AFC West is absolutely stacked on QB talent now. 

That whole division looks like playoff threats, especially with the Raiders reuniting Davante Adams with his college QB, Derek Carr. That division will be a battle.  

Now that preseason is all wrapped up, we can finally get into the season instead of watching backups play. We get the real deal Sept. 8, when the Bills and Rams face off on Thursday Night Football. 

Stafford, please have a great game, you’re my fantasy QB and I have to start off on the right track week 1. 

Onto the NHL, which had me saying “what the f*ck” for a solid couple weeks during the summer, with all the big names moving all around the league. 

I’ll start off with the Calgary Flames. They lost their two best players, Matthew Tkachuk and Johnny Gaudreau, and still somehow managed to get better. 

Trading Tkachuk to Florida for Johnathan Huberdeau and McKenzie Weegar and some picks was a fleece of a trade. I’m a fan of Tkachuk and his game, but the Flames got an absolute haul for him. 

Letting Gaudreau go in free agency sucked for them, but they add Stanley Cup champion Nazem Kadri in free agency on a steal of a deal. Can’t complain at all if you are a Flames fan this offseason.  

Gaudreau going to the Columbus Blue Jackets was the second biggest question mark for me this offseason. 

I’ll get into the biggest in a second, but as a hockey player myself with friends in the league and friends who know players, you tend to hear a lot of chatter on where some free agents will land when that time comes. 

Let me tell you, Gaudreau to Columbus was not at all what I was hearing. I was hearing Philadelphia or New Jersey, which makes sense cause Gaudreau is from Jersey, but after hearing why Gaudreau picked Columbus it makes sense to why he didn’t want to be back home.  

My biggest question mark this whole offseason for the NHL is just the Chicago Blackhawks organization as a whole. They pretty much blew up. 

Trading their best goal scorer and one of the only players on the team that can do anything, Alex DeBrincat makes no sense. He was the only player that could do anything on that team other than Patrick Kane.  

That organization in recent history has traded away the likes of Artemi Panarin and DeBrincat, two players that blossomed playing alongside Kane, and they were two players that Kane had said he loved playing with. 

Both gone, granted Panarin leaving was nearly five years ago, but it’s the same concept both times, young stars that their star player likes playing with traded away.  

That organization went from a dynasty to a bottom feeder team in a matter of 6 years. I really doubt we’ll see Patrick Kane in a Blackhawks jersey for much longer. 

That team has solidified themselves a bottom spot in the league for a bit. But hey, on the brightside they will have Seth Jones for a while on that ridiculous contract.   

Now to the NBA, the league where you can pick where you want to go if you complain enough. 

I say that jokingly, but it’s kind of true to an extent. 

Kevin Durant asks for a trade, then takes it back. 

The Utah Jazz trade both of their big-name players, Rudy Gobert and Donavan Mitchell, for an ass load of picks and players. 

Patrick Beverly and Russell Westbrook, two guys who talk the most shit about each other are now teammates. 

There wasn’t too much movement of players but there were definitely some, interesting things that happened. 

And lastly the MLB, America’s pastime. 

Well, the Padres were looking to be a threat when they got Juan Soto at the trade deadline because Fernando Tatis Jr. was coming back shortly. 

But Tatis tested positive for PED’s, and his reason he thinks he tested positive was outrageous. 

Tatis said that he had taken Clostebol to treat ringworm, but Clostebol isn’t prescribed for ringworm.  

Other than that, the MLB has been pretty relaxed in my eyes. 

The Dodgers are looking like the best team in baseball right now, with the Aaron-Judge-led Yankees right behind them.

Judge is looking almost like a lock for AL MVP, but the NL MVP is up in the air with a handful of players having career years.  

All together it looks like an exciting year for sports with a lot of new faces in new places. 

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