Sports bloopers: What the hell happened?

Is it just me, or has this semester already gotten alarmingly stressful? Let’s sit back, relax, and check out some dumb moments by professional athletes while I tell you guys what the hell happened.

So first off, we have an incident at a practice between the L.A. Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

You know Aaron Donald, right? He’s the big scary one for the Rams with a habit of punishing other team’s quarterbacks, and did I mention that he’s a big and scary guy?

Anyway, tempers started to flare during this practice, and Donald literally ripped a Bengals player’s helmet off, and swung it at numerous Bengals players before being restrained.

I think I mentioned it, but Donald is pretty big and scary, and seeing him with a weapon in his hand is pretty damn terrifying.

It’s unclear if Donald will be suspended or punished, because it technically happened at a practice and not in a game, but there should probably be a suspension involved for swinging a helmet at someone.

That’s just me though.

Aaron Donald, what the hell happened?

Ok, so we all know my New York Yankees have been struggling badly this past month, but this was a different kind of embarrassing.

In a game against the Oakland A’s, Aaron Boone made a call to the bullpen in the 9th inning to get Lou Trivino warmed up. As Trivino was warming up, one of Oakland’s ball-boys went up to him, spoke to him, and left.

Apparently, Trivino, who wears number 56, was wearing a jersey with the number 50 on it, which belongs to Jameson Taillon.


It turned out to be an easy fix, as Trivino quickly took off the jersey and put the right one on, and Trivino didn’t even end up going into the game. However, the incident still circulated on social media, where I saw it and was then tagged in a comment on another one of the posts, so I couldn’t not talk about it.

This one’s not on Trivino, because he just puts on the jersey he’s given by Oakland’s clubhouse staff.

So, to whoever caused this jersey blunder, what the hell happened?

Sticking with the Yankees, we’ve got more troubles regarding Aroldis Chapman to talk about.


The guy can’t figure it out on the field, and has been riddled with injuries this year. Apparently he’s even getting injured off the field too.

The ‘Cuban Missile’ is heading to the injured list with an infection he got FROM GETTING A TATTOO!

I mean my god, this is just hilariously ridiculous. The baseball gods are just playing with the Yankees at this point.

I mean what are the odds that this happens, and not to mention it’s Aroldis Chapman of all people.

I just can’t believe this, like I can’t help but laugh at it.

Aroldis Chapman, what the hell happened?

Here we go, time for the first biggest loser of the semester, and who else could it be but Fernando Tatis Jr?

Obviously it’s Tatis, I mean come on.

The guy is one of the biggest names in the league, he’s a young superstar, and he’s also one of the highest paid players in the league.

He’s also been very injury-prone since coming to the majors.

Having already missed over half the season with an injury, he then tests positive for performance enhancers.


So, now he’s banned for the rest of this year and a little bit of next year too.

The guy has been endorsed by just about every brand under the sun, he’s making more money than I can even count to, and he’s got millions of fans, yet he decides to risk all of that by taking steroids “to treat ringworm,” as he claimed.

What a joke.

What a dumbass.

I could go on and on about this, but I don’t want this to be a nightmare to edit so I’ll leave it here. 

Fernando Tatis Jr., what the hell happened?

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