‘Fit Check: Convocation edition

Fit Check is back! For the first installment of this year, Lily ran into first-year students Ellie Schliebener and Rachel McNeil, two friends dressed up for convocation and wearing matching outfits.


What year are you in school? 

Ellie Schliebener: We’re both first year.  

What are your majors? 

Rachel McNeil: I’m a business management major.  

ES: And I’m a marketing major.  

Can you tell me what you’re wearing today?  

RM: My pants are from Dynamite, my top is from Aritzia and my shoes are from some store in Rutland … This [necklace] is from, like, a little shop in my hometown.  

ES: [Shoes are] Blundstones, these [pants] are from Dynamite, this [top] is from Aritzia … This [necklace] is from Everjewel.  

Did you mean to match today?  

RM: We’re going to a team event right now, so our whole team has to dress up.  

How would you describe your sense of style? 

RM: I would say my sense of style is basic and comfortable.

ES: My sense of style is comfy but cute. 

Do you have a favorite article of clothing? What is it? 

RM:  My favorite article of clothing is my Birkenstocks. 

ES: My favorite article of clothing is a hoodie. 

Where are your favorite places to shop?  

RM: My favorite stores to shop at are LuLuLemon, Aritzia, and Dynamite. 

ES: My favorite places to shop are Aritzia and LuLuLemon. 

What’s the most recent article of clothing you bought?

RM: My most recent article of clothing I bought were socks from Dollar General. 

ES: The most recent piece of clothing I bought was a Nike crewneck. 

What’s a piece of fashion advice you swear by? 

RM: My best piece of fashion advice is that socks and sandals are okay. 

ES: My fashion advice is that fashion tape is essential when wearing body suits. 

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