What the hell happened? Sports bloopers

We’ve come to the end of the semester, which means this could possibly be the last batch of bloopers. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, I want to keep y’all guessing. Let’s roll.

So I guess we’ve got the second coming of Barry Bonds. 

At least that’s what the LA Angels think about Corey Seager.

The Rangers shortstop stepped up to the plate and the Angels wanted no part of him, so they issued an intentional walk.

The problem?

The damn bases were loaded! 

They intentionally gave Seager first base for free, giving the Rangers a free run in the process.

Corey Seager is a great hitter, and the decision didn’t really hurt the Angels too much, but the facts remain:

They intentionally walked someone with the bases loaded.

LA Angels, what the hell happened?

So we all know for the last few years the Miami Marlins haven’t really been the best of teams. 

Actually, they’ve been about as far from it as they can be.

If one play were to sum up the last few seasons they’ve had, it’s this play right here.

The Phillies have Nicholas Castellanos on first and Bryce Harper on third.

The runner on first takes off trying to steal second. 

The shortstop, Jon Berti, gets the throw and the runner turns to go back to first

Berti chases him back to first, but in doing so, the runner from third bolts for the plate.

All fine. Berti should fire it home to prevent the runner from scoring. 

If only that’s how it happened.

Berti’s foot meets the first-baseman’s foot, pulling them both to the ground.

With Berti lying in the dirt, Harper scores easily.

Jon Berti, what the hell happened?

Not only does the tying run score, but the winning run also scores, and I’m just completely baffled that this clip actually exists. 

Because of the god-awful baserunning by the Twins, I’m including them here.

This is probably the most frustrating biggest loser I’ve had to write, but here goes nothing.

We all know Yankees fans have a bad reputation.

It’s very true that there are a lot of shitty Yankees fans, so I really try to be a good one just to show that not all of us are scumbags.

Sadly that’s a very hard point to prove. 

Case in point – April 23, Yankees vs. the Cleveland Guardians.

A few Yankees fans chirped an injured Guardians outfielder, leading to a verbal dispute between the fans and outfielder Myles Straw in which Straw even climbed the outfield wall and screamed “hit me motherfucker!” in the fans’ faces.

The Yankees then won the game on a walkoff hit by Gleyber Torres, but what was supposed to be a time of celebration was cut short as these fans began throwing trash onto the field and at Straw.

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton (ya know, the two 9-foot-tall monsters who are the faces of the team) even voiced their disappointment with the fans. 

Social media got lit up by posts and comments about the action of these ‘typical Yankees fans,’ which in all honesty is just sad to me.

It’s one thing to be a part of the most hated fanbase in sports, but to be associated with this action is incredibly frustrating.

To say this is a ‘typical Yankees fan’ thing to do is so disheartening. As if I’m not villainized enough, now I feel as though I was the one throwing trash on the field even though I watched the game from home, four hours away from the stadium.

To these select few, non-typical Yankees fans, what the hell happened?

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