‘Fit check: Spartan seniors

SFor this year’s final edition of ‘Fit Check, Lily Doton rounded up the Spartan’s seniors: Editor-in-Chief Aris Sherwood, Managing Editor Sophia Buckley-Clement, Web Editor Hannah Williams, Marty Kelly III, Jasmin Gomez, Will Buck, and Adam Osha. 

What kinds of things do you write for the Spartan?

AS: I like writing about technology, the internet, trends. I also like writing about fashion and style. 

SB: I like investigative pieces, but I pretty much will do anything. I write a lot. 

HW: I kind of pick up whatever nobody else wants. I don’t love journalism, I do love the social media aspect, but I kind of just write to bolster my portfolio. 

MK: I write a lot of sports, primarily, but I also dabble into, I’ve been covering the merger a little bit lately with the presidential search and I dabble in some human-interest stories, profiles, features, things of that nature from time to time. 

JG: I write editorials and do the editorial cartoons and page design. 

WB: I write about snowboarding, music, and other cool shit. 

AO: I’ve written for the Spartan a few times, been a contributor here and there… [I write] interesting things. 

What are you wearing today?

AS: I’m wearing this leather jacket, this is from Camille’s.  I just wrote a story about Camille’s, check that out, that’s in the Herald, so yeah this is from Camille’s. This dress is from Target, it’s really comfy. This collar is actually, like, a little sweater, I got that from Target as well. My necklace, I wear this every day, it’s from a jewelry maker that I got from Art in the Park in Rutland. My headphones are AirPod Maxes, I think they really match the vibe. My earrings are diamonds, from my dad. And my shoes are Vans. 

SB: I’m wearing shoes I got from DSW like, six years ago. My pants and my belt are from Forever 21. My shirt is from Trap Door in Rutland, this sweater’s from TJ Maxx, glasses from my eye doctor. My earrings are from my mom’s gallery because she doesn’t sell jewelry there very often, so I stole them. Oh, and these nails are from Manchester. 

HW: I have this lovely turtleneck on, it’s from Hollister. This is all thrifted, by the way. I have these Levi’s mom jeans in black. And then my pride and joy, my platform neutral converse. And then, just my usual jewelry. I stole this [necklace] from my mom, I got this [necklace] from my boyfriend, and then I got this, like, matching set of hoops from amazon because I have a lot of piercings and I need to buy, like, a big set. 

MK: This is a shirt that I just, like, robbed out of my dad’s closet, he wore this to Mardi Gras like 20 years ago. The shorts are Carhartt from Carl Durfee’s Store in Fair Haven. Just some socks. And these Nike Barbershops, these are my favorite shoes. This necklace that I got a couple months ago, too, which has a dirt modified [race car] on it too. Sort of a subtle nod to my escapades in motor sports. 

JG: I am wearing this shirt from Forever 21, this [sweater] is from Plato’s Closet. These plaid pants are from TJ Maxx, and then these Vans are from Plato’s closet. 

WB: This is a “Don’t Overthink Sh*t” shirt from Kenny Beats. I tried calling this phone number a bunch of times, but it goes straight to voicemail. I’m wearing a Burton hat from the Burton Store in Santa Monica. Some Eddie Bauer pants from my mom, she’s the shit, love her. And some Vans that I beat to shit… Just a silver chain, it had a Flatbush Zombies pendant on it, but I took it off because I thought it was a little too aggressive for the ’fit today. 

AO: We got the jeans, it’s Denim Day, you know, everyone should be wearing their denim today. Got the checkered Vans classics. This [shirt] is Sacred Sins, Castleton brand, hit up Sacred Sins or Ryan Garrow for that. [Jacket is a] thrift store find, fire Eddie Bauer thrift store find. Darkside hat, you know, gotta rep that shit hard. 

What’s a piece of fashion advice you live by?

AS: Fashion has no expectations.

SB: Just wear what makes you happy. 

MK: I’m not sure if there’s a single bit of fashion advice I live by. I think it’s just to think outside the box. I don’t dress too crazy, but I also don’t dress like every other 22-year-old dude, so I think to be yourself a little bit helps you stand out. And also, like, putting effort into your ’fits because “when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good.” 

JG: My biggest style advice is to be comfortable, but also wear clothes that make you feel like your most authentic self. I wore clothes that made me feel so out of place just to fit in for so long and it really affected my self-confidence. I also swear by adding a pop of gold jewelry or something with a unique pattern or cut – it just makes the outfit more interesting and fun. 🙂

WB: Wear whatever the fuck you want. 

AO: Just wear whatever you think looks good or [you] feel good in. 

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