Event Genesis: student artists make noise

Thumps of bouncing bass, orange ropes on stakes, the lingering scent of booze n’ green, red arrows on the ground, a “Live Music” sign, and seven industrial-size trashcans are what welcomed them to the first-ever, Event Genesis. 

It doesn’t sound like much, but once attendees turned that corner off Main Street, they were faced by a narrow tree branch-hanging walkway that led them to a music-infested backyard with a full-blown homemade 8-by-12-foot stage built from recycled pallets, plywood, a tree branch for a railing and a colorful striped rug as its base.

“The fact that we put this stage together with our friends in three days is crazy,” said Adam Osha, from the Pleasant Boys.

And if that wasn’t enough, flashing strobe lights, a mushroom tapestry for extra flare, an eager crowd and musical guests on their toes just waiting to perform were added to the mix.  

Ro$e Gold, Pleasant Boys, Obi The Voicegod accompanied by Hunter Smith on the bass, and tyler serrani, in that order, were the performers who kept the crowd energized throughout the young night. 

Each group of artists had the opportunity to perform for 20 minutes, and each enthused the crowd for the entire duration, resulting in a sturdy turnout of nearly 200 kids dancing,’ movin’ and singin’ from 7-9 p.m. 

“I felt on top of the world! Those were my people, my peers and now new fans,” said Ro$e Gold. 

As the sunlight was soon drained from the crowd’s eyes, the flow of energy corresponded with the number of people trudging in. 

“It was definitely one of those ‘you had to be their moments.’ The vibe was unmatched. Everyone came out to have a great time and show love to the wonderful people who organized the event,” said Sky Twigg.

Once the moonlight struck bright, and the stars were out, energy is what all were feeling that night — an energy wave of live music. 

And with the number of heads and hands that went up and down to the beat of the tunes, it sure was a pleasant scene to be seen. 

“That was the most memorable night of my Castleton experience, maybe even my life, I can’t wait to run it back. And thank you to the universe for bringing one of the most unique energies I’ve ever felt,” said Will Buck from the Pleasant Boys.

Bursts of pockets in the crowd would open up from time to time, and every 30 seconds, someone new would jump in the center to show off their groove. No one cared how they grooved, they just wanted to see friends move and get loose.

“It was a judgment-free zone where I was able to live my best life for a few hours

and honestly, Event Genesis was the most fun I’ve had all year in Castleton,” said first-year student Kenzie Jollie.

At one point in the show, the Pleasant Boys – made up of Buck and fellow senior Adam Osha – sought some guiding light from the crowd.

“Put your phone lights up please, put your phone lights up,” Buck said from the stage. The crowd listened, and the sky began to glisten. You could see the extreme bliss that was brought to the Pleasant Boys’ faces. 

It was their first-ever live performance, but the crowd screamed and shouted as if it would be their last. 

Waving arms, legs in motion and voices in style made the night unique and special, attendees said. 

“It was nice to see live music because it’s a lot more fun than just playing record label-released rap music. The rappers had to not just be good rappers but MCs as well. The artists all did a great job of interacting with the crowd and getting people into it. You don’t get that same effect playing music off an Apple Music playlist,” said first-year student Sam Steinman.

Ro$e Gold set the stage high, Pleasant Boys hyped the shit out of the crowd, Obi The Voicegod made all feel like they’re clubbin’ with his deep vocals, and serrani was the perfect artist to end a perfect night. 

“I think Castleton really needed this as much as we did,” Smith said. 

This event was heavily influenced by the buzz surrounding tyler serrani, a first-year student whose influence recently blew up. A storm of supporters voted for Serrani through a social media competition held by Vermont Native and now NYC-based videographer, Kelly Butts-Spirito. Serrani was gifted an opportunity of a lifetime: To perform at Higher Ground for the sold-out Love, Kelly concert in Burlington, Vermont.

So why not bring it to Castleton? 

“This event was the brainchild of three dudes who got bored in class and threw this all together in not even a week. As you could probably tell, it was an absolute success. Everyone should expect more Event Genesis Castleton town shows in the future. If you missed it on Saturday, make sure you’re there for the next one,” serrani said.

As the show began to slowly come to an end, a wave from the crowd invaded the stage. It was hard to believe the homemade contraption would stand a chance, but it held.

“Amazing people, amazing music, and amazing location. It is truly a foundation for something even bigger,” said first-year student and founder of the clothing brand, Sacred Sins, Ryan Garrow. 

Organizers said the Event Genesis was to bring people together, to bring the community of college life together, AND TO BRING BACK LIVE MUSIC TO THE AREA!

“Everything has a beginning, but I’d have never thought that local artists in Castleton… would have a beginning like this,” said Obi The Voicegod. 

Hence the name, Genesis, organizers said. 

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