Quite litter-ally a big problem at CU

Since the snow has melted, many students have noticed an increase in litter all over campus; from beer cans to ketchup packets to ice cream cups from Huden placed on the blue light system. They’ve also noticed trash blowing around the parking lot. 

Many students are upset about the issue. 

“There are literally trash cans everywhere so it’s a bit ridiculous that there is litter,” student Liana Morel said.

Thomas Harris mentioned that it’s not “the best look for us with the litter everywhere,” especially because many prospective students are coming out for tours.

And it’s not just students who have noticed. Fireside’s employees even felt it was necessary to remove the ketchup packets from the condiment station and add a pump with cups instead because there were so many left inside the building and on our sidewalks exiting the Campus Center. 

The trash is not just confined to the outdoors either. It can be found all over the resident buildings. Upon seeing a pickle in the Babcock Hall elevator, Owen Senesac said, “Broooo, I live here,” with disappointment and disgust. 

Many comments have been posted on the anonymous social media app Yik Yak about the trash left in the Hoff Hall kitchens. Janaya Richardson said the Hoff kitchens are “always disgusting” and she refuses to use them.  

“It’s our campus, and it’s our job to keep it clean,” said student Emily Macias.

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