Lax fund achieves 500k goal two years early

The board members of the Douglas Mackenzie Memorial Fund announced that the fund for Castleton University´s lacrosse program achieved a revenue goal of $500,000 two years ahead of the projected schedule. 

Reaching this milestone early ensures that the program will receive consistent funding to supplement the funds allocated by the university, helping to sustain the program for years to come.

When the fund was initially established, the goal was to raise $500,000 in 10 years. The Douglas Mackenzie Memorial Fund was established when CU alumnus Doug Mackenzie passed away unexpectedly in 2013. It was created by his friends in his name with the enthusiastic support of his family to fund one of his true loves: the Castleton University men’s lacrosse team. 

“Doug played lacrosse for Castleton prior to his untimely death, and loved the sport and the school’s team,” said Robert Ferro, one of the board members of the Douglas Mackenzie Memorial Fund, in a press release. “That’s why the men’s lacrosse program was chosen as the key recipient of the funds.”

Until now, the funds donated to the men’s lacrosse team exceed $40,000. The $500,000 raised has significantly impacted the quality and potential of the men’s lacrosse team. Head coach Bo McDougall said the additional funds have “been incredibly important not only for athletes on our current roster, but with our recruiting efforts as well.” 

The opportunities provided by the fund raise the expectations for the men’s lacrosse team, as the Castleton sporting community anticipates the team to develop competitively.

The funds are managed by the Vermont Community Foundation based in Middlebury, Vermont. 

Established in 1964, the men’s lacrosse team has accumulated an alumni base of over 500 after 58 seasons. The hard work and determination became evident during the early 2000’s when the team played in 14 consecutive championship games. This success moved the team into the highly competitive Little East Conference in 2019. 

This milestone funding victory for the men’s lacrosse team represents not only a consistent display of support for Mackenzie, but almost a decade’s long growing commitment to the sport. This fund has allowed alumni members of the team to reconnect with the current and future teams, as Ferro notes.

“One of the tenants of the fund was and is to build a bridge between the lacrosse alumni with the current teams,” Ferro said in the release. 

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