Castleton reacts to the G.O.A.T unretiring

What was supposed to be a day of March Madness buzz turned into a Tom Brady frenzy! Tom Brady may be a legend in the record books but there’s one thing he isn’t good at: retirement. 

Many in the sports world assumed Brady would stay retired because of his meticulous approach to life. Brady doesn’t come off as an ad-lib guy. He’s very calculated in everything he does. But some were skeptical that there was a possibility of him coming back. 

Castleton’s head football coach Tony Volpone was surprised with Tom Brady’s decision to retire. 

“I thought he’d consider playing another season due to his high level of play individually but also due to the injuries around his team during the postseason. I think the team being a bit banged up hurt their playoff chances, which ultimately led me to believe Brady would run it back with those guys one more time,” Volpone said. 

Volpone also believes Brady is driven by excellence, perfectionism and competition so it came as a shock that Brady would walk away from the game without a statement. 

Freshman Devin Rachwal has high regard for the 44-year-old quarterback and was glad to hear he’s coming back. 

“He’s the G.O.A.T. of all sports, I respect him more than any athlete,” Rachwal said. 

Rachwal was sad to see Brady leave the game of football because most of his childhood involved Brady. 

“Quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning or Phillip Rivers had all retired, but Brady stayed true to the game because of his level of play,” Rachwal said.

He believes his return to the NFL is great for the league because it brings more popularity to the Buccaneers franchise, more exposure and more exposure tends to equal more money in this business. But in the end, he just wants it all to end well for him once Brady officially decides to hang his cleats up. 

Freshman JaQuincy Bostick respects Brady from an aspect that he says he doesn’t get enough credit for in his opinion. Bostick believes Brady’s ability to lift teammates is what sets him apart from others. 

“Brady is all about business. He understands that in order for the team to see success, everyone has to be bought in. He believes in everyone around him, wishing them to maximize their fullest potential in order to achieve what they need collectively,” Bostick said. 

Bostick is a firm believer that success follows Brady wherever he goes because he holds his team accountable. 

Brady’s impact on people goes far beyond his imagination. After a couple weeks of being home he probably realized how much he missed the game of football. 

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