‘Euphoria’ finale reactions

The season finale of “Euphoria” recently aired on HBO. Everyone who had been following along for eight weeks rushed to their screens to watch the anticipated finale. After the hour-and-one-minute episode, mixed emotions, opinions, and plenty of memes soared through social media.

A few Castleton students shared their thoughts on the Euphoria’s season-ending.

“I was disappointed for the whole season. I felt like it wasn’t a good ending especially compared to season one fnale, which was iconic,” said Aris Sherwood.

Lily Doton agreed.

“Personally, I feel like Sam Levinson was just throwing stuff together without any plan. He left a lot of things unfinished, and a lot of things never mentioned again,” Doton said.

But other students like Sydney White felt differently.

“I loved the way they used the play to bounce back and forth between the past and the present, but it left me wanting answers,” said White. “I’m glad we got a resolution with Rue and Jules and seeing Maddy beat the crap out of Cassie was also much deserved.”

But Sherwood remains unconvinced.

“It was a lot of nothing,” she said. “I was disappointed for the whole season, so I wasn’t expecting much.”

“It didn’t feel very purposeful,” Doton added, then paused. “I can’t even talk about Ashtray without getting sad,” said Doton.

“Obviously, the biggest part of the episode was Ash dying and Fezco getting shot,” White says.

That part of the show tore the hearts of many, as the audience grew a strong liking to Ashtray and his brother Fezco.

“He relied a lot on shock value this season and less on substance,” Doton said of Levinson. “One of the main things that season two did really well again was the cinematography, but story-wise, not as good.”

Doton continued saying, “I feel like this season, in general, was just Sydney Sweeney naked, and Ashtray dying and that’s it.”

As for season three, waiting two years seems like a long haul, but fans have ideas for what they’d like to see.

“I want the Nate and Cassie relationship to die,” Sherwood said, adding “I would like to see more of Kat and I miss Mckay.”

“I would like to see Fez and Lexi go on a date,” Doton said.

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