Cancelled classes means fun in the snow

A combined total of about two feet of snow made its way to Castleton University on Feb. 4 and Feb. 25. These thick white blankets had quite the effect, and their arrival resulted in an email that read: “snow day.” 

This sparked a thrill from faculty and students, but a special thrill for the skiers and snowboarders. The snow hits the ground, the shovels hit the driveway, and the boards hit the hill.

“The powder that day was the deepest I’ve ever snowboarded,” said wildlife conservation major Sean Mateer. “I almost couldn’t control myself on my board because it was so deep.” 

When junior Mason Svayg was asked how his powder day was going, he said, “money.”

The first big dumping was one for the books according to Killington Resort’s director of Communications, Events, and Special Projects, Amy Laramie.

“It was one of our busiest weekends because everyone just had snow on their mind,” she said. 

That specific weekend was a pretty special one for Killington goers because of the special guests in the Peace Park. Professional snowboarders Zeb Powell and Danny Davis made an appearance. Photos were taken, burritos were served, and live music kept the energy flowing through the park. 

“That day we were parking cars almost down to the lookout,” Laramie said. 

When the rumors of another snow day began to brew before last Friday, Aidan Morrell wasn’t sure if this one would live up to the hype. 

“It seems like we’ll have one, nothing like the last one though,” he said. 

But the storm came and so did the next snow day. The plows hit the road, the shovels hit the driveway, and the riders hit the road.

“So glad we could get out here today. I normally can’t get out here on Fridays because of class,” said Ben Kimball, the Castleton senior with his boots clicked into his skis. 

As the powder flows under their feet, and the fresh snowflakes blow past their goggles, it’s safe to assume there’s a smile under those facemasks. Half fueled by speed, and the rest fueled by the fact of knowing they could be in class. 

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