Calm Eyes

A breakdown…

you get around,

but all leads to…

a sad, empty playground.

Being by yourself gets old,

once you’ve done,

all that an old soul… can do.

Looking at the darkness

through the curtains.

You take a peek,

at the future leak

soon to disrupt…

your future week.

Taking a breath

feels like nothing,

until you’ve experienced

the loss… of true, true loving.

A breakdown…

you get around,

but all leads to…

the feelings of lounging and swirling,

around and around.

The feeling of nothing…

is something.

It’s weightlessness above a cloud,

where no one… can be loud.

It’s where you will find, a peaceful mind… with calm, calm eyes.

So, be a saint.

Soar above the hate.

Even when all, seems to be…


so faint.

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