You would not believe this Netlfix show!

Netflix is always trying to tell us what to watch. It thinks it knows us. Well this blog will put that to the test.

While I was scrolling through Netflix’s endless catalog until I got down to the top 10, there were endless shows that are “98% match” for me in my suggested titles, but none of them seemed bearable. Eventually I found the top 10 and, well, at the number one spot it was another 98 percenter, but this one seemed different right from the trailer.

The show is called “Clickbait” and currently sits number one in the U.S. today on Netflix. Right off the bat, I get a dark ominous vibe from the trailer that screams thriller and mystery. I thought I finally might enjoy one of these god-forsaken Netflix originals.

Well, I was wrong, sort of. It’s hard to tell if I can get hooked on “Clickbait” from this first episode.
It is titled “The Sister” and just follows around Pia, the sister of Nick, a man the plot is centered around. But Nick gets kidnapped, and it shows no context of how it happened or anything. One second, he was at dinner with his family and the next scene he’s in a video saying that he will die if it hits five million views. It has me wondering if they might flashback to what happened, but if they don’t it leaves a hole in the story and it’s only the first episode.

The whole episode so far is very vague of details. It gives very little background on the characters. At the dinner, it seemed very tense between Pia and Nick but then shows flashbacks of them enjoying each other’s company while smoking weed in front of the Golden Gate Bridge before Nick was kidnapped.

In the flashback, they seemed very close, maybe even a little too close as siblings. It seems like there is a lot of background Information that is unknown and made me somewhat confused of their past.

Pia seems to hate Nick’s wife, Sophie, and says it is because she is stuck up, but it feels like there are missing details to her hatred of Sophie. It almost feels as if Pia thinks Sophie took Nick from her.

In the first episode so far there is a lot of untold information that I have to piece together myself.

I feel like the idea of the show is great and it could be great but it’s being executed poorly.

Well, I take all that back.

The first episode ended with a cliff hanger, and it was just getting good. This is how they hook you. Same shit different show, but I love it. I take back what I said about me not getting hooked from the first episode. The last two minutes of the episode changed my outlook on “Clickbait.”

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