Spiro offers upbeat state of University message

Pres. Jonathan Spiro

“Today’s program is brief,” said Castleton University President Jonathon Spiro, taking the podium on stage right, addressing the audience in Casella Theatre on Aug. 26.
A witty applause soars from a single audience member in the back of the theatre, garnering laughter throughout.
Thus begins this year’s Convocation, an annual ceremony to discuss the state of the university address.
This year featured many laughs and circumstances, including Spartan swag if you happen to have a Sparty symbol in the top left corner of your program, and an introduction to SGA President Adam Murray, who was “currently on his way over.”
Preston Garcia, president of the Faculty Assembly, spoke about how great it is to have students back on campus.
“You’ll likely hear this phrase repeated over and over again, but it is so great to have you all finally back in person on campus,” said Garcia, followed by an applause. “The commotion of students on campus is most welcome.”
Spiro then introduced new faculty and staff, and gave a thank you to our custodians.
“They kept us safe,” he said.
Murray finally took the stage, joking, “I like attention, if I just came up here, it wouldn’t be normal.”
He encouraged students to get involved on campus, sharing his own experiences and how he made some of his greatest friends through activities and clubs like the Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board and working as a community advisor.
Spiro then welcomed the largest incoming class of international students – 46 students from around the world. He also welcomed two students from Alaska and Hawaii, and a student with the last name Castleton.
The state of the University, Spiro then said, is “pretty good,” highlighting how last year was the most difficult year in our history, but that Castleton has continuously evolved to meet the needs of our society.
Spiro also talked about our benefits as a liberal arts school, and about our accomplishments as a university, not only in Vermont, but in the country as well with graduation rates.
And he discussed the school in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the VSC merger, citing what it will look like, what will change, and what we refuse to change.
“We had a difficult year, but we always prevail,” Spiro said.

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