My time with Sonic Vibrations

In this blog I’ll be diving into the depths of Apple Music playlists. I’ll find some new vibes, give one a listen, then give it a quick review.

All right! Here goes nothing. Day 1. Let’s get it.

The following sequence resembles my actions in finding a new genre to throw on:

Give Apple Music a clean smack in the logo


Scroll all the way down to “Browse by Category.”

Scroll and look for something sweet.

“Wellness.” (I got excited on the first rip, really wanted to see what they have to offer… found myself at the bottom. This list goes A-Z)

“This should be interesting,” I thought to myself.

Scroll right to left over the hefty number of playlists under the category “Popular Playlists”

“Sound Bath? Oh, hell yeah.”

Let’s shuffle this bad boy.

“Gentle Skies (Meditation Edit)” by Atlas Ocean creeps through my JBL from the other side of the room.

Dude. This one sent me into a state of borderline astral projection. So chill. So wavy.

I’m greeted by a blend of waves crashing, birds chirping, and a twanged out, but smoothly flowing synthesizer that feels like it’s breathing down my neck. Its effervescent delivery has me so stoked. I’m in tune for sure.

Today hasn’t been the best of one the year so far. I’m bogged down with homework, I miss my puppy back home, but the notes that this track is relaying to me has me forgetting all about that shit.

My body feels like it’s on the same raft Tom Hanks was on by the end of “Castaway,” swaying with the waves while I’m baking in the sun, but I don’t feel spiritually connected to a volleyball, I feel connected with myself. I can conquer the world. My world.

I now understand why I heard this in the background of every recording that Bill DeForest posted on Canvas. Being a professor must bring such influx of thoughts, man. I understand why he was cranking sound baths while he was screen recording.

I ended up crushing two assignments to this stuff. This playlist might be used as a tool for me in the future. To my gym rats: have you ever tried listening to this for motivation instead of EDM?

I don’t even know the name of this genre. I’m calling it sonic vibrations.

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