A senior’s one woman show


In light of the pandemic shutting down theater across the world, one senior has taken it upon herself to create one more lasting memory before she graduates.

Cydney Krone, a senior at Castleton University, is set to premiere her one woman show this week, called I’m Not Afraid of Anything, that she wrote, directed, and of course, will star in.

Krone is one of few musical theatre majors on campus.

“I knew that it was gonna be a while till I get to perform,” said Krone. “But when it became more of a reality that we weren’t gonna do a musical, I was like ‘well what am I gonna do?”

Krone said that she also knew that there wasn’t going to be a graduation, so she wondered what she could do to  close this chapter of her life.

That is how the one woman show blossomed. 

The show is autobiographical, and is about her life up until this point.

“It’s about a girl that had a lot of challenges in her life, and had to conquer a lot of obstacles, and faced a lot of challenges. How the things you go through make up who you are, and how you survive,” said Krone. “The title is I’m not Afraid of Anything, but she is afraid. She’s afraid of the situations that she deals with, and she puts on almost this fwacade of I’m not afraid of anything.” 

The show also deals with some dark themes, like sexual assault and bullying- a girl who never felt enough. 

But when she came to Castleton, she felt enough. 

The show features a multimedia component, and Krone collaborated with alumni Martin Van Buren III and Maya Kraus, as well as a group of dancers she called the “Tim Burton Crew,” to help make her vision come to life. 

The show is set to premiere  April 23, at 7 p.m. over Zoom. 

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