Spring in your step


The weather has changed so much this spring, and it has really impacted everyone on the Castleton Campus. It has gone from windy, where it has been freezing cold, icy, and snowy, to the spring, where some of the days are nice, sunny and are up to the sixties and sometimes even the seventies. The weather has impacted so much of what is happening on campus, and students are starting to think about school being over in two months due to the nice and sunny weather. 

The weather has impacted activities around campus that students are involved in, such as sports, extra- curricular activities, and it will be impacting Campus Activities Board, or CAB, a little later this spring because of the nice weather. There are a lot of sports games outside, and the school is having a lot of extracurricular activities outside. A little later this semester, CAB will probably be having a club fair outside, and bingo outside. 

The nice weather has also impacted what the students are wearing. Because of the nice weather, students do not have to wear jackets outside anymore, they can wear just long shirts or short sleeved shirts. Students can wear smaller slip-on shoes like flats, sandals, or flip flops rather than big, warm winter boots. Students do not have to wear winter gear outside because all of the snow has melted and is gone. Students can use the sun to relax, have fun and enjoy. 

The weather has even impacted attendance, because all students want to do is hang out outside and have fun, whether it be hanging out with friends, going for walks, or bike riding, 

In the future we might see some flowers to come and I am looking forward to that and the summer to come soon. Let’s get to the finish line soon so we can have some fun and enjoy our summer. 


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