Students pass culminating essay with distinction

As one of the requirements to graduate from Castleton University, students must pass a 90-minute culminating essay showing a mastery of writing standards set by the university. And while most pass, a small number of students pass with distinction and those overseeing the essay recently released a list of those students for both the fall and spring of 2020.

FALL 2020 Writers Earning Pass with Distinction include:

Josie Gawrys

Connor Lennox

Jake Apjohn

Leo Richardson

Jaden Luke

Samuel Lucia

Jacob Lazo

Taylor Ladue-Robinson

Alyssa McMahon

Sunny Singh

Jonathan Caswell-Dubois

Bella Varisco

Will Buck


SPRING 2020 Writers Earning Pass with Distinction include:

Analisa Starr

Matthew Charbonneau

Lindsay Wyman

Jay Marcy

Zackery Quesnel

Alyssa Ezell

Kyle Buckley

Haydn Renouf

Denis LeCours

Jayna Ryan

Toby Duke

Bonnie Ross

Wade Hirschbuhl

Parth Patel

Andrew Austin

Carley Patch

Ethan Cameron-Vaupel


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