Fall flowers

Garden season is far from over!


There is a surplus of beautiful fall flowers that you can keep on your balconies and porches, or indoors, to brighten up Autumn’s rainy days.


One of Vermont’s most common fall flowers are Chrysanthemums, more commonly known as mums. Mums come in an array of oranges, purples, yellows and whites.


They’re quite hardy, and don’t mind being out in the cold on chilly September or October nights. If you buy your mums before they have fully bloomed, you’ll have colorful flowers for over a month!


Pansies, although contrary to their name, were labeled a “cool weather favorite” by the Old Farmer’s Almanac.


They can be planted in hanging baskets or small plant pots, and they grow in thick bundles. If your pansies take root before the winter, they might even bloom back in the spring!


Similar to pansies, violas have a wider color range and can withstand rain and temperature changes. Choose some violas to match your suite or dorm room decorations!


The Old Farmer’s Almanac lists asters as the birth flower of September. They come in cool shades of purples, blues and white. If you’re a September baby, consider planting some asters!


Croton, which does not have the traditional flower look, is full of fall color.


They have vibrant, spotted leaves of green, yellow, orange, and scarlet. They’re the perfect plant for September, but they may want to be moved indoors if temperatures drop below 50 degrees.


They grow fast so plant them in a big pot.


One last thing: don’t eat them!


If none of these suite your taste, costafarms.com has a lovely list of fall beauties!

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