Covid-19, CU and a 4-year-old

Write a blog they say. Share with the world what’s happening to a family with a toddler in a house who can’t go outside.

Tell them that you’ve decided to home school a hyper 4-year-old to protect his fickle lungs from a school that has chosen to forgo the mask law.

Tell the world you don’t understand what to do in the five classes you have enrolled in because you can’t sit in an uncomfortable metal chair and stare at the same four walls for hours at a time.

Write about the homework you avoid even though you have nothing, but time.

Make excuses for the chores you always ignored, before the virus. Tell them you ache for amusement parks to open so you can stop feeling like a boring mom. Talk about the failed tie-dye venture that turned into a baby #2 announcement. Explain how quarantine originally suggested endless amounts of quality family time and ended with a working mom that couldn’t hold her eyelids open god forbid hold a conversation.

Tell the masses, you bought six different preschool workbooks and only cracked two.

Write about the nights he kept his little body awake to wait for mommy to tuck him in. Tell them about the mistakes you’ve made that never matter to him.

Tell them that the love of a little boy who can’t go anywhere, bouncing off the walls from sunrise to full moon, is the greatest gift in the world. Explain that a virus that has been so devastating has given you the time for the important things.

We picked dandelions this summer. We chased sea lions beside their tank. We saw planes land and take flight while we sat on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. We went to a safari and got frightened by hungry camels and eager ostriches. We spent days in Nanny’s pool and hours in bed playing “Sneaky Sasquatch”.

Talk about how you worked five to six days a week this summer in a busier than usual restaurant in a tourist town and still found time to plan a family vacation to the aquarium. Tell them your son loved the ocean almost as much as you and that he loved Boston.

He compared the city to “cago,” the nickname we gave to Chicago when he was too young to pronounce it. They might laugh at the fact that you teared up when you realized at his age your baby has seen more cities than some adults.

You can tell the world this is how you teach him, but would they understand?

COVID Safe Family Outings…Stay tuned…




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