Spartan will continue on

Castleton Spartan will carry on


The impact of this global pandemic is indescribable. Every single person in the world has somehow been affected by the coronavirus.


Millions and millions have been quarantined in their home, whether it be self-imposed or forced upon by the authorities. Hospitals are filled with sick patients. People are working from home and many have been laid-off. Businesses are closed.


Life as we know it has changed completely. And worst of all, people are facing one of the most difficult and heartbreaking parts of life: the loss of a loved one.


Through all the craziness, confusion, fear, worry and sadness, there are some things that have not stopped – one of which is the news media. And although the major news corporations are constantly under criticism, the Castleton Spartan newspaper hopes to do it right.

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You may have already seen stories sprinkling through our social media platforms and being posted to our website. From the moment Castleton University decided to close its doors and switch to remote online classes, we at the Spartan understood the importance of continuing to share the stories of people impacted.


Campus was eerie. Confused students were packing up their rooms. But when Spartan newspaper advisor Dave Blow reached out to the editors asking our opinions about moving forward with the paper if the student newspaper, all four of us agreed it is necessary.


Because in times like these especially, when the entire world is on edge, we know the importance to inform. Not only do we want to update the Castleton community on how the virus is impacting the university, but we also want to spread the good news.


We want to tell the stories of those who are giving for the benefit of others. We want to share how students, faculty and others are coping with this unprecedented pandemic.


And we want to do it in the best way possible. Pure storytelling, bringing a positive message in a time of panic.


Our staff is dedicated to continuing to write. Although we will not have another print edition of the Castleton Spartan until next schoolyear, please continue to follow us on and on Facebook and Instagram.


We are all in this together. We must come together as a community, nation and world. If we all do our part, we can flatten the curve and get life back to the way it was. But for now, we all must contribute. The Castleton Spartan will continue to contribute through stories.



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