Fashion experiment led to chilly outfits picked by boys

This week’s fashion column is the first of a series of fashion challenges I’m undertaking, using a jar of random ideas I will draw from.

It was late on a Saturday evening. I had just finished my jar, and decided to pick the first challenge so I could have Sunday to prepare if need be.

I reach my hand in, and pull out my fate for the next week.

“Boys Choose My Outfits for 3 Days.”



It wasn’t that I was necessarily worried about this challenge. Actually, I was kind of excited. I had a lot of faith in my guy friends and chosen participants. But as with any challenge, you just don’t wanna do it.

I had no idea what was in store for me, but I knew I was gonna miss my usual attire of oversized sweatshirts and beanies.

So, on Sunday, I rounded up the males and laid out all my clothes and accessories for them to choose from. Here’s what they did.

Outfit curated by Dom Thorne

Day #1: Dom Thorne

When the guys were choosing my outfits, Dom was actually the first one finished. He seemed to know exactly what he wanted and how he wanted to style me. He said the vibe he was going for was street style, which I can appreciate. With that being said, it was probably my least favorite outfit.

He put me in a black and white gingham skirt, with a matching raincoat, and a bright pink shirt. I took my own liberties and added my own leggings and undershirt because I did not want to get hypothermia. He also styled me with black, heeled boots and black cat eye glasses. Now, this outfit wasn’t bad. In fact, I had gotten three unprompted compliments by people in the morning.

But, it just didn’t feel like me. I would never match gingham with gingham, especially if they’re two different ginghams, and I would probably never wear a skirt. To be fair, I go through phases like every six months, so past me, in like junior year of high school would have 100% worn this outfit.

But me now felt like I wanted to hide. And this is in no disrespect to Dom. A lot of people loooooved the outfit, and it was totally Dom as girls fashion. But, it just wasn’t my favorite.

Day #2: Jac Culpo

Jac was also very good at choosing his outfit, and his was probably the most simple out of the

Outfit curated by Jac Culpo

three. And I actually didn’t hate the outfit, because of pants! I love pants. This one had the most reactions from people. I think my mom said something along the lines of “why did he do that to you.”

And a lot of people said “what was he thinking.” But really, I didn’t hate it! He styled me in a mustard yellow top, and baby pink coat. He paired this with black pants and black Timbs. This is what got a lot of people. The top half was completely bright and springy, but the bottom half was bleh. Also, winter boots and a spring coat. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but it was sooo comfortable, so Jac gets points in my book for that. I even wore it to work later that day, I just put on a heavier coat because it was COLD.

Side note: Why do boys have no sense of weather? Like, you see them in shorts when it’s blizzarding outside? Whatever, that’s their own problem. But WHY did they put me in skirts and spring jackets when it’s 20 degrees outside?? Please. I am small and frail. So I was freezing this entire challenge because I was completely committed, but I was still grumpy about it.

Day #3: Jay Mullen

Outfit curated by Jay Mullen

This was probably my favorite outfit of the week, because, with some minor readjustments, I could totally see myself wearing this. In one of my phases, I went through a Parisian, booky phase, which is how I acquired most of these pieces. But I probably, most definitely wore this exact outfit during this phase. He styled me in a black dress, with a pretty white pattern, with maroon tights, a black coat (thank you Jay), and Adidas and a newsboy hat. This one wasn’t the crowd’s favorite, it came in second. But it came in first in my eyes and my opinion is the only one that matters, so good job Jay.

I don’t know why I liked the outfit, probably because it was the only one that had an actual vibe. The thing that made me the most uncomfortable was the red tights, but just a quick switcharoo with some black tights, or heck, no tights, I would definitely wear this outfit again.

In conclusion, having boys dressing me was really, really weird. It was fun to wake up in the morning and not have to choose my outfit, but it messed with my psyche, or something.

I didn’t feel like myself for an entire three days, and that messed me up. But it was still fun to do and a good experience. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my outfits, and now reading about it.

Shout out to all of the boys who styled me. It was absolutely adorable watching them be completely into it and in competition with each other to see who’s was the best. But they all kind of sucked and I never want to do this again.

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